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Re: Desperately need help.Very serious.
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: Desperately need help.Very serious.

Hi Marcin,

Do the candida spit test. Information here:

From what you are saying I would be surprised if you don't have candida. Crying and emotional outbursts are even part of symptoms of candida believe it or not. Nevertheless I think it is good to do a test to find out and that test is very easy.

The rest of this point assumes you have candida.

The real question is how your immune system is so compromised that it isn't fighting it off which could be a tricky question. I know pale tongue is an indication of poor circulation why that might be happening I couldn't comment, could be candida, not sure. As you seem to be in a very compromised state right now I think the first order of action is just to ease the infection. The good news is that there's a heap of stuff you can do to help.

1. Go on a very restricted diet of cooked unprocessed meat and vegetables. No sugar, not even from fruit, no carbs, no grains. This will starve candida of energy and also removes vast majority of possible foods that are causing an autoimmune response which is one possible explanation for how your candida has got so bad

If that diet sounds boring try to make things more interesting by using lots of herbs and spices. Make stews and curries. Don't make soups as too much liquid in food dilutes digestive juices. If it sounds like a lot of work, it need not be, just get all the veges together chop it all up, load it into a big pot, steamer, pressure cooker for gas cooking or casserole dish for oven baking. Make sure you cook with enough water not to dry it out. Check on it a few times and stir every now and then. Larger rice cookers are even more convenient.

2. A hydrochloric acid supplement immediately after each meal will aid digestion

3. Get yourself some candex which helps to breakdown the candida cells and also further starves candida by providing enzymes that break down various things. This should stop the bloating.

4. At this point you could start trying some things to kill the candida.

Raw garlic, raw ginger, and coconut oil are all effective. Ginger is useful for recovering from die off symptoms from the other two. You could cook with large quantities of coconut oil with each meal. You may have herxheimer reactions after taking these that feel rather like being hungover. These are a good sign that you are killing the fungus.

There are a wide range of other antifungals: chlorine dioxide (MMS) is particularly good (requires a little research how to obtain and make). Other options are olive leaf extract, pau díarco extract, Wormwood , borax, kerosene, gum turpentine, hydrogen peroxide, Colloidal Silver , propolis, extract of Neem leaves, and the oils of tea tree

You should try to use a variety of these as candida can become resistant to any single antifungal, I think Miracle-Mineral-Supplement may be an exception to that. If you do use Miracle-Mineral-Supplement you have to observe certain other restrictions: keep doses well separated from food, sources of high antioxidants, and acids such as vinegar.

5. Talking of vinegar, get some raw apple cider vinegar (it should be cloudy) and drink before bed each night an hour or so after your last dose of Miracle-Mineral-Supplement . Despite being an acid it alkalizes the blood which could be very useful for you as candida prefers acidity. Perhaps you could experiment with increasingly large doses of this.

6. A high dose of vitamin C can help improve circulation and improves all kinds of things. A good quality omega 3 four times a day helps significantly with detoxification after 4 days or so and can improve mood as well

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