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Some co-nutrient data
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Published: 6 years ago
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Some co-nutrient data

Save the Iodine for another few months until you have the methylation cycle and liver/digestion support well in hand.

I've had similar issues- mental illness runs on my mother's side of the family and I grew up with her in that state.
Got type 1 D after 2 Amalgam fillings at age 14, an insomnia crash and lots of phsychopharmeceuticals after that, cancer after a root canal @ age 16, and an amputation at age 21, am around 34 now.

Don't race through the data here- take it a chunk at a time, and take notes for yourself, it's a bit too much for remembering every little detail perfectly. ;)

Trying high-dose Lugol's at the 100mg mark for a winter put me in a joyless, weeping and sometimes suicidal state. It wasn't until a few of the more experienced members pointed out the fat-soluable vitamins and I researched on the side on selenium that things got much, much better.

Now I do strong Lugols on my toetips for a slow absorbtion through the day (I saw much-sped healing of a huge bruise last month after that), and right now 1 drop 5% Lugols sublingually per day is helping things along a lot without the heart palpitations and teary-eyed reactions!

Mental illness reactions, heart palpitations, upset kidneys and pain down the legs.. It's a body that is unprepared to mitigate the toxin dump when you bring the real deal into your system. You need remyelination :)

Perfect digestion support (softens bile in liver as well):
Phosphatidylcholine (I use dr's best brain enhancers with GPC and Phosphatidylserine) ( // about it )
Gall-Bladder 3 digestive support formula (another form of choline with LOTS of extra benefits)
( complete info about it )
( where to buy

Have you experimented with oil-pulling yet..? It's a perfect way to get more EFAs into the body. The choline-rich elements listed above really help get things going!

The methylation cycle is a balance of a lot of nutrients, but it's primarily folate (in L-5-methylhydrofolate form ), b6 (in P-5-P (Pyroxidal-5-phosphate) form), and b-12 (methyl and adeno- cobalamine) together with selenium (in selenomethionine), magnesium (in a fully organic-bound form like magnesium taurate), and the co-nutrients that further support those from outside.

Generally the whole B-complex family is what supports re-myelination and getting one's metabolisim (methylation cycle, google it and sulfur metabolisim) back up to scratch.

Vitamins A, D3, and K in a ratio related to the levels found in cod liver oil soothe the kidneys right away, and go right in to protect the liver and neurons! I use these formulations: A 10,000 iu/tablet in retinol form, D3 5,000 iu (every 2/3 days, sometimes less), and K2 in MK4 (liquid drops thorne research brand) and MK7 (jarrow nattokinkase) forms.

( complete thread about the fat-soluable vits solving a detox crying and pain-spell when I used too much Iodine 2 years ago, with excellent replies from the forum members, explains a bit about the roles of A, D and K // )

The info on copper toxicity and it's links to (the reason behind many mental health problems: )

Selenium is the master of glutathione production and mopping up Amalgam issues. It balances out Iodine in the thyroid, saves the liver a lot of grief, and acts together with the b-complex familiy, magnesium, zinc and C to relieve a lot of stress in the neurons/brain!
It's reccommended for iodine-use in selenomethionine form, 200-400 mg/day with vitamin B-complex and vitamin E support (toconutrienols, not tocopherols. Vit E in tocopherol form can thin the blood too much if you're a bit anemic, so I do that oil transdermally. toconutrienols in natto oil and red palm oil have more nutrient value).

Have you heard of Dr. Jerry Tennant? His 'Healing ia Voltage' lectures/presentations on youtube really put this info together in a plain-speech, really helpful way. :-)

Playlist of Tennant explaining:

sorry, no, it's not Doctor Who, but it's exciting enough info to be a good timetravel journey anyways! ;)

Tennant's 'biomodulator' tool is a portable, similar item to rife therapy machines. But rife machines can be found much less expensively.. but that's a separate line of information which I'm still investigating this year.

I decided to skip out entirely on the business of chelation: (a coherent argument as to why not chelate)

A good sweat in the sauna does detox a good deal. 8-) So do kitty-litter (pure bentonite, no fillers) (calcium/sodium/potassium bentonite/zeolite) baths, Psyllium and Bentonite shakes, coffee enemas/colonics, clean diet, excercise, meditation, constructive conversation and learning..

I do find it's a bit of a spiritual journey too. :-) I've never enjoyed my walk with God quite so much as these days... <3

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