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Re: Doctor refuses to give me parasite medication
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: Doctor refuses to give me parasite medication

I went to PETCO, and got some dewormer, although it say it was 2 grams a pouch, 20 lb each so I took all three. I felt immediate relief, more energy, however who knows what actually did, if it killed anything. I hope to find something in my stool the following couple of days.

However I had a BM, and positive I found a piece of worm, saved it in a jar. I'm going to bring it when I get the lab work done. It was too big width wise too round to be a pin worm, so I hope it was the Ascaris that I have.

I have all kinds of worms. I also have worms in my sinus, one of commenters was correct. I feel them in my nose, face, and in my eyes. They must be so small to live there.

Sometimes I think they are all dead, days will go by with no movement, but then they'll all start moving around at the same time. I have all these whites spots on my body I think from the spot where they were dying and it left a stain of their poison.

If I had the money, I would do intravenous h202, and hyperbaric oxygen. I've spent hundreds of dollars on this, I'm way too poor for anything like that now.

I was Sugar free for 3 years, and no symptoms were alleviated, this was because I though it was only bacteria and fungus, and every time I ate Sugar I would itch like mad.

This past week is the first time I don't get severe symptoms after I eat anything, so I know it's connected to the worms.

I was literally hospital and doctor hopping so I could get more pinworm medication, and got 100 MG dose of albenza, and than 4 ore tablets of 200 MG, and it helped a little. I also took 2 bottles of reeses pinworms.

At this point I think I had gotten some die off, and what little it did, it actually alleviated some of my food allergies , which now I believe are not allergies, its the worms making me uncomfortable and creating severe reactions. Not sure.

I have already lived with this for many many years, and undiagnosed, because I didn't think I would have it. In march I had like a 7 inch Ascaris worm. I was doing massive ammounts of herbs too, and couldn't get out my bed I was so sick for weeks.

I can't live with this for another several more years, and there should be a cure for everything, I think every little bit counts I guess overtime.

parasites should be treatable 100%. If people can kill lethal cancer, why can't we kill all the parasites?

I sincerely think they are satanic in nature, and being able to host them keeps people away from ones mission in life. I know that it's evil, and the evil wants to bring down the light on this planet.

The snake in the bible is attributable to this, worms are like mini snakes to and extent.

I guess it's also very discouraging to have had several doctors ask if i have mental problems, and think I'm lying when I tell them I've had dead worms come out for 2 months. And they all say the same thing have you been overseas. They're all educated the same way, and they only believe text books apparently.

The US is not worm free! Jesus Christ. I need to pray more maybe, there must be an answer!

All the naturopaths abide by medicine that supports their death, however does not get the job done, that's for sure.

I had a lot of scattering too and they are not only nesting in my stomach, even though it's always bloated.

Have to stay positive I guess. Thanks everyone for sharing!


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