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3 Months in; Healthiest Eating Yet;Worsening State
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Published: 6 years ago

3 Months in; Healthiest Eating Yet;Worsening State

Hello All,

Looking for some answers. Here's my story:


Three months ago I found out I had candida from the Genova Diagnostics test. The test also showed that I had a very low diversity of bacteria, inflammation of fecal secretory IgA, a slight imbalance of beta-glucuronidase (on the higher side). Finally, while my overall fecal fat is in the normal range, the triglycerides and cholesterol are very high.

*Before getting the results, I took the hydrochloric acid challenge, and took 4 supplements without any feeling of warmth, at the time this would seem that I had low stomach acid and took some supplement for this, however as Genova showed that both my pancreatic elastase and products of protein breakdown were in the normal range - my chiropractic doctor mentioned that this shows it's not a stomach acid prob and I don't have issues breaking down food.

Following test results, he put me on the following plan in order to decrease/eliminate the yeast overgrowth, decrease my maldigestive issues, and increase my liver function:
- Taking a garlic antifungal; 1st started with Thorne Undecyn, then after running out, Vitanica candida)
- Taking a probiotic (Metagenics Ultra Spectrum)
- Metagenics AdvaClear (for liver support)

Separate from the chiropratic doctor, I had a SpectraCell blood test done and found I had the following deficiencies: Zinc, Calcium, Vitamain D, Magnesium, B12, Oleic Acid. So I also began taking supplements to target this.

Another avenue I took separate from my chiropractic was a saliva hormone test, which showed I had very low progesterone. I decided to hold off on acting to fix this, and instead focus on eliminating the candida.

However, since beginning, I've had issues with extreme bloating and constipation (both are issues that never had before), and my skin issues (acne) have worsened. At first I thought it was detox, however, given that my case of candida is mild (as the Genova test indicates) and it had been months, I thought perhaps it had something to do with the probiotic or the antifungal.

So - I lowered my dosage of probiotics (1/2 a capsule=15 bill.). I also started lowering my antifungal dosage (one a day instead of twice a day). Still the issues persisted. I was thinking to take a break from probiotics and antifungals and just do the diet for a few days - but I thought it's best to persist with probiotics and antifungals even in small amounts? I also lowered the dosage of AdvaClear (1/2 capsule, when I do take it).

I also tried lowering the supplement (the zinc, magnesium, b12) dosage for good measure, and just stopped taking the b12 altogether, but there's still persistent constipation.

Most days, I have just 1 BM per day, when I used to go very regularly before - having never even experienced bloating.

I should note that I changed my diet as well to rid it of Sugar and have been eating *a lot* of greens and vegetables (some people mention that bloating/gas can be caused by this). I have been paying more attention and realized that I do seem to pass quite a lot of gas after eating veggies.

I'm wondering how to get the benefits of these supplements without the bloating and constipation, and what further support my gut or digestion may need.

I'm also thinking to start a new plan altogether.

In the past month, I've been slacking on the diet (simply b/c it isn't really working and have had some processed items). Oddly, I find that having Coconut Milk Yogurt (that's sweetened by cane sugar) consistently makes me go to the bathroom soon after (almost to the point where if I haven't gone in a while I buy this, even though I know that it has a form of sugar); having a gluten-free oatmeal breakfast bar (that's sweetened by brown rice syrup) has also made me got to the bathroom; and more recently having gluten free oats, with grass fed butter, and stevia has made me go to the bathroom soon after. I find this odd and can't figure it out ... it's when I have these 'bad' food items that I go to the bathroom? But eating loads of vegetables, grass fed liver, healthy teas, probiotics and antifungals simply makes me constipated and bloated such that I know I should go, and there are things that need to exit my body, but I just can't.


I decided to give the McCombs plan a go. The diet is unlike the Candida diet that I was on and allows for fruits, all veggies, and brown rice. I think I didn't do so well with the brown rice, so ceased that. But have been eating small amounts of fruit.

I was also fasting during this time (due to the month of Ramadan). As such, I took a very low dose of the antifungal (a third of the normal dose). The constipation, low levels of BM, and skin issues persisted. I decided to buy ConcenTrace Minerals for bathroom support and this has helped.

For now I just want to stop everything, and focus on getting my digestion where it used to be. It's difficult b/c I don't know what the trigger was .. but I went from going 3-4 x a day, to 1 on average and feeling bloating regularly after eating.

At this point, I just want to take a break from everything, do an oxygen based colon cleanser, and maybe add in some stomach acid support (bc of the undigested stool I'm having). I'm thinking once my BMs normalize then I can think of starting a 'plan' again.

I don't know if I'm getting all the nutrients I've been eating for these months and I've been eating the healthiest and most restrictive I've ever eaten.

Any thoughts? I would very much appreciate any insights...

Much obliged.


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