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Re: CAN LF cure Alzheimer's?
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: CAN LF cure Alzheimer's?

Alright, since we seem to be in the same boat I'm going to share my insights from the last 5 years of reading every day about Alzhiemers/Brain fog.

First, do you really have AD or just crippling brain fog? At 27 your brain is probably in tact and healthy though functioning poorly, like mine I'm 28 and been dealing with crippling brain fog for the last 5 years ever since I got mono.

AD seems to be caused by several factors; toxicity, viral, bacterial, hormonal, and deficiencies.

- heavy metals, fillings, deep sea fish, aluminium, etc.
- viral (all sorts of virus can be found in AD brain spots)
- bacterial (lyme and co-infections bartonella, babesia, clamidia and more have been found in AD brain spots)
- hormones (adrenal, thyroid, and HPA axis all effect brain fuction) but alot of these problems are a result of the previous 3
- deficiencies should resolve after all above are finished and one is eating healthy

Now reversing these issues is no trival task. I still have crippling brain fog and have been flushing for 2 years.

Flushing is the very first item that should be done. Unless your liver is not functioning you will not be able to fully remove toxicities from metals, viruses, and bacterias.

Once the liver is clean you will have the strength to fully eradicate all brain toxicities.

Removing Amalgams would also be a good start, but I think chelating should be done after the Liver Flushes (unclear which is the best route, but I chelated first and think that wasn't the best idea).

So in short this would be my recommendation to reverse severe brain fog.
1. Finish Liver Flush (1-3 years) while detoxing with colonics, saunas, zeolite, and great supplements.
2 or 1. Remove amalgams
3. Chelate with ALA and DMSA using Cutler protocol
4. Detox, detox, detox: FIR (Far-Infrared-Sauna) saunas, coffee enemas, vit c, colonics, juicing, etc.
5. Kill bacterias/get tested for lyme and co-infections from LLMD.
6. Viruses should go into remission by now.
7. Check for fungal exposures and toxicities. Remove if an issue.
8. If still fogged check hormones, but should have cured themselves by now.

This is as far as my list goes. In theory it covers several bases and should be inclusive, but I have yet to complete it myself. I started 4 years ago and have yet to get every single stone out. Sadly, the Liver Flush process is taking much longer than expected and I ended up getting a flare of bone shatter lyme about 6 months ago so I paused on flushing to beat down the lyme. You can also skip around the list as need be depending on how you feel. It's a terrible road but take time to reverse years of stored toxicities.

Also check for the MTHFR gene using 23andme. I'm heterogenous so I need to take the right b12 and methyl-folate to properly make glutathione.

There is some much info on each topics I've mentioned that apply to AD. One could literally go on for hours on each topic and it's affect on the brain. I suggested to read up on the topics you think might apply to you. The internet is filled with good information.

Good luck and I believe you won't start seeing results for a very, very long time. Sadly toxicities come out way too slow.


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