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Re: Why you shouldn't go to Victoria Bidwell's Best Natural Hygiene health retreat to fast
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: Why you shouldn't go to Victoria Bidwell's Best Natural Hygiene health retreat to fast

I was the guy who was crippled with joint inflammation. When I signed up I told her I only had X amount of money and I wanted to fast until completion and I didn’t think it was enough. She told me to give her what I had and she would see me through the fast and refeeding. Well neither one of us expected I would react so badly. I had swollen, painful joints and could not stand on either leg or even get out of the bed. She only came around once a day to give me ice, I was in extreme pain once the ice melted. When I arrived at the house I was the only one there but the house quickly filled up and she notified me she had another guest that was going to need the room and that I would have to finish my fast in the back of my truck underneath my topper on a fouton mattress. She recruited another guest to carry me and place me in the back of my truck. I had already lost 40 lbs and was very weak and in a lot of pain so I was forced to end the fast early on day 32 instead of going to completion. I thought it was dangerous to move to live in the back of a truck in that condition. On the refeeding - she would make the juice in one batch and then freeze it and then thaw it out and bring it to me all at once. She only came to the house once a day to deliver the juice and it had to last me 24 hours. So the juice was never fresh or organic. There is no rhyme or reason or instruction of any kind so you better know what you are doing when you refeed because she will just deliver fruit or juice and say have at it.
On the third day of breaking my fast she forgot to go to the grocery store and brought me what she had out of her refrigerator: almond butter, crackers, and little cakes! This is criminal. I did not eat them and she did not make it over until after midnight the next day so I went another 36 hours of fasting three days into trying to break my fast.

Most of the produce she brought me was not washed, it came straight from the grocery store. She told me she was too busy some days to wash it. I could not walk and only had use of one hand so I had to eat this dirty produce some days with god knows what on it.

I could not leave my truck and had to go in a portable toilet in a trash bag. I would tie the bag off and throw it out my back window and she would come by once a day and throw it in a bucket next to my truck. The bucket smelled terrible and attracted flies all around my truck and I could not get her to empty this poop bucket. When one filled up she started throwing the poop backs in another bucket. She only emptied it when I was getting ready to leave.

She completely reneged on the promise she made to me to see me through my fast and refeeding. Despite the deal we had, she said she didn’t expect it would take me this long to recover from my fast and that I would have to sign over the title of my truck if I wanted to remain there while I recovered. I was able to get a relative whom I had not spoken to in years to send me some money. She charged me $25/day to remain on her property in the back of that truck.

I think she may be the worse human being I have ever encountered. She is half-crazy, she really has a lot of emotional issues. I tried to view her with compassion and to feel sorry for her, but to this date I feel more like I hate her even though I am not sure she can help the way she is. She talks very negatively about guests to other guests. The house is truly a place of gossip and nothing is sacred.

While I was there a younger girl, Kim, was walking into the house to use the bathroom (one tiny bathroom for up to 7 guests!) she became light-headed and fell and hit her head on the deck and it completely knocked her out. She woke up some time later and found herself laying on the ground. When Victoria visited her that night Kim told her what happened and Victoria just laughed it off and told her she was fine. This is crazy! I really feel like someone is going to get hurt under the medical supervision of this insane person.

When I was breaking my fast I told Victoria I felt like I was craving the sodium in vegetables. She came back the next day with packets of table salt for me to eat. Seriously.

The neighbors are a couple of younger folks who blast booming rap music all weekend long, every weekend. The neighbors on the other side have a dog that barks and some kind of chickens or something (no rooster).

There was a lot of construction, hammering, yard work, etc… going on at the house while I was there. At one point a handy man was blasting music out of a boom box and I asked him to turn it down. He complained to Victoria and she told me that he had been working for her for years and he could play music as loud as he wanted and she threatened to throw me out. This house is not a peaceful quiet cabin in the woods. It is just a regular house in a busy neighborhood.

I won’t even go into the German guests except to say that the Victoria knew the older brother had mental problems before she invited him there. When he started screaming the devils name and ran into the room and jumped on another guest, well, that is the only time I was glad I was in the back of my truck and not on the bed in that room.

At the end, she drove my truck to her other house because she had some guests with children and didn’t want them to see me sleeping in my truck and throwing my poop out the window. Her other house did not have any shade, I was out in the hot sun under a black topper with nothing but a fan plugged into an extension cord to cool me.

She only comes by to check on guests once a day and it is RARELY before 10pm. Many nights she comes at 2-3am in the morning.

Regarding her obesity: She does not eat a vegan diet or even a healthy diet. She eats fruity cakes! She is in very bad condition and is not physically able to run that place, even with help.

The Genetically-Modified-Organisms nuts are roasted, she takes them out of the bag and puts them in the glass jars. Just so you know.

She takes empty gallon jugs of water and fills them with tap water and screws the caps back on. I always kept track of which jugs were not tap. She got angry at me one time when I asked for a different jug of water and she remarked that their tap water was perfectly fine.

At one point I was running out of money and just needed to get out of this hell-hole. I decided I would rather get some prednisone and continue to eat clean than go the hospital. Victoria said she would not drive me to the clinic to get prednisone unless I signed a waver/statement that said how wonderful my stay was, how much better I was feeling than when I first arrived, and how wonderful she had been, and she was going to write it. This lady is crazy. She is always worried about getting sued, and for good reason.

Two of the rooms are just sheds. She tried to stick me in one when I got there and the door would not even shut and it had an uncovered window on the roof that let in the sun. I really feel sorry for the girl that had to stay in there it was so hot. At least my truck was in the shade at that house.

Please believe me that this “Peace, Love, Joy” talk is just an act. This woman does not have an ounce of compassion in her entire body. She is a narcisict with serious emotional problems, and is possibly the most unlikeable human I have ever encountered. Call her and talk to her for 5 minutes and you will see what I mean.

It really is terrible to be around a person like this when you are fasting. A long fast can be a spiritual experience. To have a mean-spirited person talking down to you and spreading gossip and to just interact and deal with the aggrivation of someone like this lady daily does not contribute to healing.

I could go on and on. I’m just writing all this off the top of my head and I am sure many more things will pop into my head after I post this. This is a very unhealthy and dangerous place to fast, please heed these warnings. Thank you to the original poster for starting this thread.

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