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Re: Ivermectin India (parasite rid)
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: Ivermectin India (parasite rid)

Hi C - It sounds to me like you have morgellons - or something similar. From my experience - it takes three things to recover from this. You first have to start cleansing the gut - you have a specific parasite that has given you a cocktail of things (which includes worms and maybe 5 other critters) - however, one of the reasons you were vulnerable to this has to do with your immune system - which likely was weakened slowly over the years. We all have parasites, but when the load gets too heavy - your immune system gets stressed - and then when it gets really weak - sometimes certain parasites that were laying low in your gut - well they can then also take on a new role when things get really yucky inside. So cleansing is a must - and a few things you can do is first - start supporting the liver immediately - milk thistle, dandelion, turmeric, etc. - and then get a nice liver formula. This is a must - you can also daily take one drop of clove and oregano oil under the tongue with a carrier oil. This helps immune system and kills eggs in the lymph. and take olive leaf capsules (kroeger) for your Antibiotic - it could help a lot.
You will want to do a candida cleanse for months - I like Kroeger herbs - and basically you have to alternate your plan of "attack" but you will be slowly cleansing for a long time.

The second thing you have to do is rebuild your immune system. This is done slowly WHILE you cleanse - A lot of people who are vulnerable to this affliction also have serious candida overgrowth, which was robbing them of nutrition for maybe decades. You will feel a lot better when you cleanse of candida overgrowth - it is pretty amazing to feel the before and after - but the fungus inside robs people of nutrition and it is very serious.

So to rebuild your immune system you need some very important things - it will sound like a lot - but there are ten systems in the body that need help - and because you likely had malabsorption issues without knowing it - you need to nourish your body. Good supplements are key to your recovery.
You need a good b-complex (a b-50 is fine - can take extra b-12 and biotin too) - take extra niacin (only the pure stuff - which causes a flush - but the flush helps kill microbes- read Dr. Hoofer niacin info). You also need a cal/mag supplement - a good enzyme - the enzymes are a must because they attack the bio film and other things and there is serapatase enzyme for gut healing - check out source naturals brand.
you also will want to get some digestive enzymes to have with meals. You must take amino acids - and so try and find a good protein powder to take daily -or now foods sells amino powder that you can take daily. and add lecithin to your protein drink - 2 tbs a day will feed your cells in great ways. there is a lot going on in your gut and so you need to help it out - you also need a good oil every day - you can alternate - take a fish oil for a few days, then cod liver oil, then flax oil, even olive oil will help.

You need probiotics and I suggest plain kefir - by mouth and in an enema. but Kroeger herbs has one with taurine, and then trader joe's has good one s- and bluebonnet has a fridge one that stays cold (with FOS) - really good. also - do not take flora while taking cleansing herbs - take them at different times of day -

Further, get a decent multivitamin and good source of C. Powdered C will help much the first few months - but long term you need to have many sources because you do not want acidosis - amla berry is ideal for now and long term once you are well.

One of the reasons your hair gets effected is because this parasite mix you have is attacking the thyroid - so to rebuild your body terrain - you need a good source of iodine. SB sells powdered kelp really cheap -can be used for enzymes and taken as a drink - but there are other options all over cure zone. the thyroid needs lots of help immediately.

you need to do enemas - and for about a month you will do them twice a day or at least once a day - and then pause - then go back to a month of doing them. by about the fourth month you will see huge difference and will be getting much better.

but for a long while you will need to do daily enemas because some things with this illness can only get reached by enemas. I know this is hard to think about doing - but once you do a few it is really easy and life changing. fleet bottles are the best - but dump the stuff that comes in the bottles and use your own mix.

you also have to do a daily workout - mild - like yoga and then get lost of sleep. Your body heals when you sleep - so you will need this for recovery -

So the three things I suggest you to consider for health and healing are - 1. cleanse the gut - herbs, mms, msm, silver, hint of borax, olive leaf, GSE, oil of oregano, etc. - 2. take lots of nutrients to rebuild your body terrain - ( you need a mix of immune and system rebuilding stuff , b-complex, enzymes, flora, oils, amino acids, cal/mag mix, and liver formula (and sleep and do a mild workout) 3. do enemas - alternate with - lemon juice, borax, salt water, kefir, kelp, or just warm water - etc. be very careful with all enemas, and always do no harm to your body. Go slow and listen to your body.
you can do this - :)

get some nice cotton sheets and pillow cases and when you get up - wash your bedding daily in bleach and borax. when you start to get healthier - you can wash every other day and then even less.
Your fine washable clothes can be washed in borax and peppermint soap. sometimes critters stick to your clothes and get back on you - so you never wear clothes twice - and get clothes that can be washed in hot water. You have to modify your life - but you can heal from this. You might have to wear clothes that are not really you for a while - and you will do more cleaning around the house, but keep it simple and be diligent. sprinkle DE in your windows - and bakings soda and borax in your bathrooms - it helps keep mold out.

Lastly, use Dr. Bronners peppermint soap to help keep the worms down on the skin. You can also use powdered Bentonite clay and vinegar (mixed to a thin liquid) and cover the skin - it draws out the worms. apply once a day when you are doing well - or twice a day if needed. or buy sonnets #7 and happy this to skin - and drink it with fiber to help pull out metals. In fact, many believe there is a mercury toxic thing associated with this weird skin disorder, so any chelating you can do will only help speed the healing.

Some believe that this illness is related to a plant fungus that has gotten into your system -(tissues) and the black specs are mold spores - so know that it can take ten months to get rid of it aggressively and longer if you go slower or if it is in your tissues more.

get off Sugar and eat no bread. The herbs you cleanse with can help assuage your need for Sugar - and eating eggs and other dense foods can help too -cook them in olive oil and and salt - but once the candida is reduced, your carvings go away - especially if you are taking good supplements to rebuild your body terrain. You see - the cravings are there for Sugar and carbs because you have candida - and are missing nutrients - you will see that later when you feel more satiated from feeding the body terrain.

Also for your external skin - The worms hate bio-freeze. And of course borax is a must. Some people sip borax to get rid of mites (see earth clinic blog)- Also, dmso, DE, and castor oil are a nice skin helper. but use the DMSO mildly - apply some dmso (it will sting at first but a little is just fine - it is a solvent and so use wisdom with what you use it with - but I love dmso) and then add some DE - wait a few- and then cover with castor oil. Pulls out the deep ones. and gives relief.

hope this helps - and keep fighting - because what you have is related to hypertoxicity -and some parts of it have been in your system for a while - and you will feel amazing after all the hard work it takes to regain your health. :)

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