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Natural dissemination cure
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Published: 7 years ago

Natural dissemination cure

I last posted here a little over a year ago, suspecting I had parasites. If you could imagine, I went through that whole phase of thinking I was gonna die every day and ordering any online supplement I could, reading every forum post on here that could lend me some insight, etc. You get it.

First of all, its ridiculous that we should have to do this research and self treatment on our own, I mean I bet every single one of us could teach our oblivious doctors about their own "monsters inside" after going through this, and without the PhD to show for it. I will never watch that show. I never google the pictures either, not now that I think I caused whatever I had at first to scatter and disseminate. I don't wanna know what it looks like.

In the beginning, back when I first posted they were either confined to my GI tract or, more likely, quietly hiding wherever they are now also. I would imagine they're Ascaris and threadworms, and I don't know what should worry me more but I don't feel any pain and I no longer think they're in my head, or not my brain at least. But they're definitely, undeniably in my muscles which aren't atrophying but the thought of that does worry me, more so than dying even. Doing my due diligence, I started off furious and was drinking like 3+ huge, heaping tablespoons of diatamaceous earth a day, some weeks twice a day. So much diatamaceous earth... It was working well. Then Wormwood capsules too, then that wretched Wormwood tincture which isn't all that bad to me now. That has to be the worst taste in existence, there is absolutely nothing good about it. I'd even put 3 stopperfuls of Wormwood tincture in a big ass cup of DE, I don't think the worms liked it very much. I changed my diet too, no more HFCS among other things and I drink 4-5 big cups of organic white tea with lemon juice a day, its amazing for you but also happens to taste really good. I saw huge globs of mucus in the toilet at first, intestinal biofilm where they do their thing and hide from herbs and etc., and then stringy strands that I didn't investigate too much, there wasn't anything more to see. But as many as I killed, there were more, and when I gave my body a rest from the herbs and the DE, I started to get these muscular twitching sensations. Either dying twitches or movements due to flushing them out of hiding. As scared as I was of them killing me, they do need us and I don't think many people die from this without letting them get out of hand or getting neurocisticercosis, which has to be awful.

I don't think I have that, but out of everything I've done, which hasn't included meds, one thing seemed to work ridiculously well and I haven't read much on it. In the spring I stumbled upon red pine needle oil capsules, which is expensive as hell but claims to cure " parasite infestations" with a whopping 9 capsules a day over a period of weeks if not months. One capsule is strong, sometimes they dissolve in your stomach and you burp up the taste which allows you to imagine how much of that stuff is going into you and what it might do to a few slimy little worms. One month's supply may be a few hundred dollars but from my time on it, I started to feel these wonderful sensations like mint toothpaste tingling except in my muscles and my stomach, which replaced the muscle twitching and wriggling. Days would go by and my mind got really clear, I started to remember things that I forgot even happened, things from years ago if not longer. As soon as I can afford that I definitely plan to buy more because I felt this only by taking five or six a day to make them last longer, and they don't last too long even though a box comes with 120. The week before I ran out, I actually passed a very thick roundworm that seemed to be dying on its way out, it looked like a little slug almost and I also started passing red tomato skin looking things and I do eat tons of pasta sauce and veggies but those get digested easily. These were something else. After running out I took CBD oil and hemp seed oil every day which works wonders for plenty of other things but nothing seemed to work for the dissemination like the red pine needle oil.

I'm hoping someone else may have some experience with it or if there are other herbal supplements I can use in conjunction with it, like psyllium or anything, I don't wanna try meds. The cost seems more reasonable when you consider what this pine oil stuff does, it crosses the blood brain barrier and everything and the feelings I felt on it were like the clarity I got from the DE times 10. My issue now is that I've gotten my GI under control and have very good BMs, I don't feel any pain, all I feel are the muscular twitches and also these 'wriggles' that scream roundworm to me, I just can't tell if they're dying or thriving. I guess they love it when we aren't trying to kill them, and people who aren't cleansing probably don't feel those sensations. Maybe they get misdiagnosed like I suspect a lot of parasite relates things do. Imagine people who eat a lot of sushi, the roundworms can come from just walking barefoot outside! Imagine people who eat raw invested fish all the time, and they don't have a clue about this! Goes to show all the doom and gloom over dying from this may be overblown, but it sure is scary as hell in the beginning. Or when you feel something bad and you know it. I just refuse to be pessimistic about this. Maybe this oil stuff does work, its just taking me forever to save up for more. But if anyone has a better way to turn around this dissemination before it gets worse, I'd love to hear it please, anything. Maybe the twitches are nutrient deficiencies, but they each feel different. I can't believe curing them has to mean making the problem worse, but im far from the only one who's found that to be the case. Has anyone here cured them for good? Has anyone found a way to fix this dissemination problem? Because not knowing what's going on in your own body has to be the worst thing of all.

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