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Re: Hyperinfection patients
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: Hyperinfection patients

Hey happy--at first, I'd just take the herbs one at a time, until one of them helped, and one of them always did, because unlike drugs they won't hurt you body if you don't need 'em---now I recognize how each sorta feels in my body, not always but usually if it's quick to spread, it's a virus, slower and feeling more tired and heavy is usually a bacteria, slowest still is the fungus--it often doesn't have much pain until it's well along--kinda sneaks up on you.

I've found usually the body can resist fungus until the immune system gets really whacked, which is why 'cancer' is usually in us older folks---it's been percolating for years, but finally the system's worn down enough, it can start taking off. The youngsters today have such a heavy toxin load and consequently heavy parasite load, (and who knows how much damage is being done by all the exposure to EMF energy, like from Cell Phone s and other wireless devices?) that system breakdown is happening much faster.

I also think the 'elites' behind big pharma are constantly modifying and introducing new strains of all the pathogens, especially their biggest money maker 'cancer', which may target certain age groups or other demographics, which I'm pretty sure they're adding to the vaccines they are manipulating the sheeple into believing are necessary. *ack* If only mercury was the worst ingredient in those.

I also think doing a pharmaceutical 'treatment' for parasites is most likely going to exacerbate the problem after a temporary 'fix'. Their methods predictably always include body damaging toxins, very much on purpose, I think. Gets us sick quicker again, eh? And the 'elites' really don't want us to get rid of our parasites--how can they get all the 'diseases' they added to the parasites into us without them?? Especially 'cancer'. And of course all the parasites are also busy chewing away on you inside creating all those 'mysterious' auto-immune system diseases they invented like MS or Fibermyalgia to explain the parasite infestation symptoms. There's no such thing as 'auto-immune'---it's always your body attacking parasites. It's not stupid--it won't attack itself!

I'd definitely add chronic fatigue to that list of 'diseases'. You most likely got some relief because parasites thrive when the body's really toxic, and your approach probably pulled the rug out from under their comfy toxic little home, but I can't help but think a good herbal parasite cleanse and a good zapper would help too.

I used Dr. Clark's protocol (although I didn't find it necessary to go to the extremes she recommends for environmental clean-up) and know it works although I'm so not into making tinctures and such. I just kinda extrapolated a dose I could take as capsules, and it seemed to have worked fine. The Black-Walnut hull is more for the virus and bacteria the parasites carry so I figured capsules, instead of the home made tincture, should be able to work like any of the other herbs I use. She did mention taking capsules instead, but at the time, I doubt that they were readily available like now, so she went with things she believed you could make for yourself.

Anyway, how much chronic pain would a million hungry little parasites gnawing on your nerves, nerve sheaths or ligaments or wherever cause, do you think? And how much help would painkillers be at stopping them from chewing (such a 'mysterious' reason that they just can't figure out)? How likely are they to sell gobs and gobs of painkillers and other 'management type drugs in the process of 'treatment', considering nothing's being done to stop the real problem, the gnawing?

I tell you, the 'elites' behind this farce care not one whit about human suffering--only about stealing all our money. And false promises of hope to stop the pain has us giving it to them willingly. It is a total vicious scam!

And by the way castor oil and cod liver oil were what our great grannies used to kill digestive tract parasites, (it doesn't help much once they eat their way out---leaky gut syndrome anyone??) which is why it probably helped you as much as it did. Unfortunately even the more holistic doctors/nurses are brain-washed with the false information/faked research the regular doctors get from big pharma's faked medical industry, and so aren't able to see the obvious either.

And chemo altering the body so you can't detox--hum--I've heard it destroys the immune system, so I'd say it might have some amount of truth, but I really have no knowledge or experience with it. Thank god my 'cancer' fungus showed up after I knew about the big pharma scam and I never even considered it. My analogy for chemo is like burning down the house to kill a spider--sure the spider probably is killed, but now you have to live in a burnt-out hulk where any old spider can move right back in.

I'll think about it more though--I believe as long as you're alive, you can figure out a way to survive almost anything. The human body has a overwhelming urge to live, and cleared of the crap dragging it down, an amazing ability to heal itself, so it will just take some figuring out, I think. :)

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