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Re: Stage-4 cancer cured in 7 weeks without chemotherapy, says remarkable patient
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: Stage-4 cancer cured in 7 weeks without chemotherapy, says remarkable patient

I've gotten rid of my health problems mostly with Dr. Clark's protocol plus things I've figured out for myself--do understand if I didn't have those EFT workarounds for those toxins and stuff, I'd be much more likely to go through all that dental stuff, i.e. if I weren't getting better. But I am. I'm almost back to 100%. And remember EFT is still fairly new--I've taken it far beyond anything I've ever read about it. But even I actually have no idea what EFT is truly capable of, but it's a LOT!

What I've discovered is it actually is a work around for accessing our energy working (psyhic type) skills we should have been able to use all along. One of those abilities was the regeneration program that keeps the body functioning and healthy for up to 900 years give or take (based on Noah's age--I think the long lived human prototpye the aliens used to clone us at first was mostly destroyed in that flood).

Without going into everything I've discovered, suffice it to say the aliens who created the human race (quite by accident) couldn't keep us curious humans from messing with their projects and the various stuff they were doing for different jobs. Since they knew our sentience was just artificially boosted and would most likely fade once they left (unfortunately they never did), they turned off the communication lines between our conscious (spirit) mind and the rest of the body, especially the lines to the energy working parts.

Basically it made us deaf dumb and blind to the spirit realm but it stopped us from using our energy working abilities to mess with their projects. So what was left was only the part of us who could do temporary type stuff and make diagnoses of what was wrong, but without any of the tools or resources to actually fix it. Those aliens were pretty short-sighted (but not malicious), and never intended that it would leave us so vulnerable to vultures like the race that's been victimizing us for millinia.

My analogy for this is imagine we are the Seaview from 'voyage to the bottom of the sea'. We, the thinking part, are Admiral Nelson, in his windowed cabin--sending orders, planning missions, doing admiral stuff.

Then the unconscious mind is like Capt Crane. He deals with the whole day to day operation stuff, but he (because of all the communication lines being down) can't see, hear, or experience what's going on outside, so mostly he's just winging it--waiting for orders from the admiral. Neither realize that the other can't hear them, so Admiral Nelson gets all upset that the capt isn't following orders, and things are going to hell. Capt Crane, struggling with a total lack of information (other than an occasional really garbled transmission), feels angry and abandoned, plus he can't seem to get the heavy lifting crew (who's very necessary for optimal functioning) to respond. Both are basically chained to their chairs and so can't go see what's wrong.

At about the age of 25 or so, the capt sends out the order to start the regeneration program, but nothing happens. He watches in dismay as his vessel slowly decays and falls apart from neglect. Plus he gets occasional garbled and angry msgs (the intense emotional ones are the most likely to get thru) that let him know that the admiral is getting beside himself with what seems a total lack of maintenance. Theirs becomes a very troubled relationship.

And the heavy lifting crew (think crane operators, forklift drivers, diesel mechanics and all their tools, etc) are sitting in their bays, wondering why orders aren't coming down anymore. Up to the age of about 7 or so, those comm lines were on, but at the age when kids stop believing in santa claus and such, is when the comm lines are programmed to turn off, (which is why kids remember past lives so easily, believe in 'magic' and such, because it's real, until those comm lines get shut down).

Those skills are still there though--we just can't access them (although some folks who are 'psychic' have found a way to communicate with some of those parts of themselves)--which EFT can--it's a workaround, sorta like shouting down the tubes instead of trying to use the original intercom system.

So if I haven't totally lost your attention, we all have that potential waiting to be used. I tapped for turning all those comm lines back on, and me and 'Capt. Crane' are back in full and happy (after a lot of work--apologies and such) communication, and the heavy lifting crew is getting back on the job, too. But of course they've been sitting around doing nothing for 50 some years, so they've still pretty weak and there's one heck of a backlog of work orders!

And that's why I'm not too worried about environmental stuff any more. My body mind is letting me know it's being dealt with. The Zionists (who are the front group for these anti-human vulture aliens) have done their darndest to keep anyone from figuring this out--they so couldn't enslave or murder us if we had access to all that--and have rewritten every part of history to support their agenda, or at least keep us from knowing who and what we really are.

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