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Re: Endgame: Russia to bomb isis with or without U.S. cooperation
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: Endgame: Russia to bomb isis with or without U.S. cooperation

Hey Trapper,

I hope you are healthy, prosperous and in good spirits. You and Grizz have been a big help to me. I am now sucking down 55 drops of SSKI twice a day in addition to taking 24 drops Lugol's 5% twice a day. I take that amount of SSKI every day and that listed amount of Lugol's whenever I think about it, maybe twice a week now. It's kinda hard to get my 10gms vitamin C every day when I have to take Lugol's also because the C will turn Lugol's into KI which isn't exactly a bad thing, but I need SOME iodine in my diet. I've been doing heavy metal detox with Lugol's for 8 months now and my health has greatly improved so I'd rather make sure I get my 10gms of C every day for healing and maintenance of cells. I kinda concentrate on doing Iodine on the weekends when I'm not busy with school.

My body temp is rising. I used to have to keep my HEATER on 87-90 degrees in the winter and my air conditioner on 83 degrees at the lowest in the summer just so I wouldn't freeze. Now I take my A/C down to 77 degrees in the summer and I am still hot and sweaty. In other words, I am getting healthier than a horse. My breathing is clearer to the point where I rarely take albuterol anymore (I used to be on FIVE medications for asthma), my feet don't hurt when I eat sugar, I don't get headaches anymore when I eat sugar either. I can actually run for two or three blocks full all out when I wouldn't have dreamed of that two years ago. I wouldn't have survived. My blood pressure went from horrendously high to normal after taking 6gms vitamin C everyday for 21 days a couple of years ago and has been normal ever since. Two years ago my heart was beating so weak and slow I thought that if it beat any more slowly I would actually expire. Now my heartbeat is STRONG. I could continue, but you get the point. After looking at my bloodwork my doctor was shocked and told me my liver and kidneys were "better than perfect" and asked me what the heck was I doing. I told her..."First and foremost I quit listening to doctors who weren't curing me of anything, but just increased the number of meds I was taking every year." ONE of my meds...Advair Diskus was $200 some-odd bucks a MONTH!!! Bub, I had enough. I told her all the stuff I was doing to cleanse, heal and detox myself and I was doing it for pennies. I only go see her once a year now so she can tell me how healthy I am. LMBO!!!

Am I off topic? Not exactly. I say all that to say.....Them jokers ain't gettin' me because I am educating myself through the power of the internet and I am healing my own body and refuse to rely on them anymore for my personal health and well being. Knowledge is power and with knowledge you can save yourself from apparent doom. Hosea 4:6..God says "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge," so conversely folks can survive by getting knowledge. Yes, knowledge is the key.

I know people who have the same ailments that plagued me and I tell them how to help themselves and the funny thing is....they take my words and throw them in the trash, keep seeing their doctors and their doctors are pumping them full of more toxic meds and cutting body parts out of them and off of them and they are happy and STILL trust their doctor over putting forth a little effort, educating themselves and living well. If they choose to be a victim of doctors they have that right. One friend of mine just got a hysterectomy AND her thyroid cut out totally and is HAPPY that her doctor did so. I tried to help her before the fact, but her trust was in the doctors, not any words that I had to say. So again....folks need to use common sense like we did and think.."I have been sick for a long time and these doctors are healing me of nothing whatsoever and as a matter of fact I am getting worse so I think maybe I'll just research some natural cures or something man." Yeah, those words a lot of us here on Curezone said to ourselves.

If people are suffering in any way....a little research and self-education can protect them from the boogeyman. So I don't blame the boogeyman so much for being himself, he is just being himself. A rabbit can only act like a rabbit, a bird can only act like a bird. I just make sure that I put up a solid defense against him with knowledge.

The boogeyman threatens and enslaves other people. "I" have the boogeyman working for ME and I laugh every day because of it. He's MY slave, not the other way around (because of knowledge). I spoke the words a little over ten years ago, now it is all coming to pass before my very eyes.

People have the freedom to be slave or free. It's their choice.

Take care Trapper. Keep helping people with SSKI, it's great stuff.

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