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Re: Stage-4 cancer cured in 7 weeks without chemotherapy, says remarkable patient
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: Stage-4 cancer cured in 7 weeks without chemotherapy, says remarkable patient

Well--of course the Conspiracy stuff isn't real---saying that could get you fired, eh? *lol* And I'm guessing it's quite an emphasized objective to make anyone think that being aware of the 'bigger picture' level (i.e. the 'elites' take-over agenda) is a such 'waste of time' (be a good little sheeple and go back to sleep, you silly goose) and you should just focus on your own stuff---never mind all that stuff going on in the government or the world---nothing to see there, so just move along. Right?

I live in a 'conspiracy' world because we do in fact live in a world rife with conspiracies. So I have to believe either you are well aware of that or you are incredibly naive, which you don't appear to be.

Yah, there are two sides, of course--the pro-human side and the anti-human side. I'm pretty sure the hybrid Zionists (totally anti-human) feel they are doing the right thing trying to eradicate humanity. We do reproduce rapidly--they think, like vermin, and they know our sentience was artificially boosted so really we are no better than artificially sentient rats, in their opinion. And that includes any of their human employees, even the ones who used to be a hybrid but died and ended up in a human body.

And, well, the videos are just somebody else's opinion. Which they are entirely welcome to. I'm good with my success, thanks. If I made a video, I could be an 'expert' too, as much as folks are brainwashed to think talking heads are the only ones with the 'truth'. I get my tapping stuff down to zero (at least it doesn't come back---the true test) quite easily with regular EFT. And with muscle testing mixed in, it's even easier.

Sorry, my body mind, while on the same vessel with me, is it's own entity--we just have the same mission. And treating it like it's just a robot is quite an insult to it. I wouldn't be surprised if one day, yours found some dramatic way to demonstrate that it's not a just the dumb robot you think it is although I'm not sure how--think rebelling against slavery type things probably.

If it decides to jump ship though, it'll definitely be a bad time for you. It's like the head cook in a fancy busy restaurant in the middle of a rush. If you think all that coordinating happens automatically, think again. I don't think you, (the spirit mind) could think your heart to beat 65 times a minute, take the needed amounts of breath, digest your food, circulate your blood efficiently, or any other of the many functions it handles concurrently all the time. But hey, I guess you could try.

So what am I supposed TO accomplish?? I'm getting healthier all the time, my windshield wipers don't cut out in the middle of a torrential downpour any more, I haven't had rats scratching and digging and chewing right above my head all nite for years (unlike the first 3 years before that), or dogs barking and barking for hours on end for no apparent reason. And that's just the start of what I've been learning. What else should I be doing? Really??

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