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Re: Parasites scattered everywhere, please help or advice!
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: Parasites scattered everywhere, please help or advice!

It is possible you have ascaris, it takes about 3 to 5 years before they go systemic and wild.

Do you drink coffee
Do you drink Booze
Do you consume a lot of sugar.

If a doctor will not treat you, I suggest you take your destiny into your own hands. After 8 years, and 23+ doctors, I was near dead before I decided to pull out all the stops. It was just by chance, that I took a dose of IVM to see if I had worms. I felt the first relief I had experienced since I started going down hill, I knew then, a year ago or there abouts, that I had parasites.

I had a runaway Ascaris infection, nothing worked, It was because I had another parasite infection, flukes.

Here is my standard advice.

1) Dose IVM, if symptoms subside, you have a runaway round worm infection.1) Invermectin single STD dose, 200ucg/kg. If your symptoms abate, think round worm, IVM is about 85% coverage for most roundworm types. If you are positive, set the result aside, and move on. DURVET APPLE - Apple flavor (ain't that sweet!) is the same strength and you can get it online for less than $3. Available at most US feed stores. The Durvet plunger has markings for every 250 pounds of body weight and has 5 notches between each marking. Each notch equals a dosage for 50 pounds of body weight.

2) Clear the GI trac using PinX, one standard dose every 3 weeks until GI trac clear. GI trac must be clear and functional to absorb anything oral. If your PH is less than 6.5, if your hair test shows mineral and metal profile errors, start supplementing minerals, metals, Magnesium, Potassium, non-ionic calcium, Magnesium Sulfate, Zinc Sulfate, Copper, Selenium, non ionic iron - kelp for iron, etc, etc, etc. Get a macro zoom camera, wash the round, flat, tape worms and take pictures for identification by the forum. I had round (Ascaris ELISA) positive, Tapeworms, and Flukes of 3 kinds.

>Dose PinX per your weight, the dose is on the box. Dose Invermectin at 200 ucg/kg (0.2mg/kg) If you dose in 1 day, the GI trac is cleared. If you still have an infection, the worms are not in the GI trac. A good mop up for eggs is Piperazine citrate or pripsen. I vomited because it took 8 years to figure out what I had, Doctors are useless. I had to request the test, going against the doctorís advice (doctor #19).

By the time I figured it out, they have gone everywhere. I killed them in my spine, in my ear, in my sinus, and in my brain, heart, lung, you name it, worms are there.

Magnesium dosing during PinX is essential, it helps clear the GI trac, 2 Grams + is about right.

2) PinX standard dose. While this is aggressive, it provides you a gauge of how bad you really are, Pyrantel Palmoate is very broad spectrum, and it is virtually unmatched in its ability to clear the GI trac. I now suggest that taking IVM along with PinX will paralyze worms.

Magnesium Sulfate is a decades old cofactor in clearing the GI trac. Getting parasites out, without giving them a chance to scatter, is essential unless you want to deal with problems for years or decades. At the conclusion of Step 2, your GI trac is now clear.

The recommended time between PinX re-dosing is published to be 6 weeks, I use 3 weeks. What I found was that I vomited worms for 3 weeks after trying PinX. I was so infested I took drops per day for weeks, until I was able to take a standard dose. I was also in denial. I still thought, it is ok; maybe I just had a severe GI trac infection. Wrong, they were everywhere. I was in denial. I dosed PinX every 3 weeks for several months, and would from time to time get hits, indicating worms were trying to re-infect my GI trac. I was again in denial.

Worms beget worms, and more parasite types. One does not get sick from one kind as bad as you are. Keep a camera ready, wash and put them using a wood depressor or something on white paper, use macro zoom camera. parasites are made of cellulose, and when dried turn into translucent cellophane.

Look for white seeds 1mm x 2mm
Look for red rolled up tomato skins (2mm)
Look for brown rolled up cinnamon sticks 1/16 inch in diameter (1mm)
Look for cone heads, 1mm-2mm cone
Look for blobs of orange or pink fleshy rolled up with black edge, (large fluke).
Look for oval 8mm flat flukes or broken in half with sucker at one end.
PinX may break free some of these, but will not kill them.
Do not dose more than one dose of PinX at a time.
Use my starting formula, msm, magnesium sulfate, zinc, selenium, Spirulina, etc.

If you have Tapeworms (Flat tubes with segments) (Praziquantel) or round worms (Flat tubes without segments) (Albendazole). or flukes (Flat oval with triangle sucker, or tomato skins rolled up, cinnamon sticks rolled up 1/16 inch diameter, pink flesh rolls (ľ inch) with black edges - Praziquantel or/and Triclabendazole, or orange beefy chunks of large oval) respond better to Fenbendazole and Mebendazole. You need to figure this out. Round worms can make you gain weight, tape worms you loose weight, Flukes cause extreme liver stress, and can migrate as well.

You could have a mix, I had all three (Tape, Flukes, Ascaris), and I did a progression of ELISA tests and dosed Antiparasitics, when doctors refused to treat me.

Good Luck

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