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Re: Need help to sleep!!
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: Need help to sleep!!

My best guess is that you can't sleep because you are in chronic fight or flight/stress response ude to the infection etc..

The night-time awakening might be due to cortisol or adrenaline spikes.

What has helped me with sleep is:

*L theanine 200 mg
*5 Htp - taken in the early evening 50-200mg - find the right dose for you
*Magnesium 500 mg or even better magnesium oil about 300-400 mg
* Melatonin 1-3mg - again find the right dose

Someone suggested L glutamine and they might well be right but L glutamine is a precursor to glutamate and then glutamate is supposed to increase GABA for better sleep ( even though they are antagonistic).

The point is that glutamine might make sleep worse if it increases glutamate and not GABA.

Ashwagandha is meant to increase GABA binding to the receptors ( certainly helped me feel calmer.

L theanine is meant to block the action of glutamate and indirectly increase GABA.

GABA itself isn't supposed to cross the blood brain barrier but some people claim it does.

You could try elevating dopamine levels in the morning by trying :

L phenylalanine, L tyrosine or Mucuna pruriens.

Dopamine has been linked to sleep quality and chronic stress burns out GABA, Serotonin, Dopamine and aceytlcholine.

The above adivce should help replace these levels.

Quite a lot of dopamine and serotonin are stored in the gut so a parasite infection might well have depleted these as they require a healthy gut environment.

The 5 HTp is for serotonin
L tyrosine or Mucuna would be best for dopamine.
The magnesium, L theanine and ashwagandha should work well for GABA.

You could try the glutamine and GABA itself in higher doses.

GABA and serotonin help deactivate the sympathetic nervous system which will help you sleep better by shutting down adrenaline and possibly cortisol levels.

Try choline for acetylcholine.

For lowering night-time cortisol, ashwagandha should help - it is an adaptogen so if it is low it will increase it, if it is high it should lower it.

If you take it at night time it should lower it.

Also try phosphatidylserine - this is probably the best one for decreasing night time cortisol.

Try vitamin C through out the day to help regulate cortisol and to lower histamine and boost your immune system.

It also increase natural killer cells.

**Try having a snack before bed containing fat, protein and low GI carbs.

This will stabilise blood Sugar over night.

I SUSPECT what is happening is that the parastites are feeding off the sugar, fat etc.. in your stomach and so when you are asleep your blood Sugar drops which spikes cortisol to increase blood Sugar - which wakes you up.

Try the snack before bed and you might sleep through the night.

Perhaps you should not do the cleanse until your sleep is good?

Lowering fat, carbs etc.. might spike cortisol whilst you sleep and it might cause the parasites to feed off your stored fat, sugar etc.. which could also spike cortisol.

Good luck and let me know how it goes.


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