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Re: they just left after posting because they were attacked and harassed.
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: they just left after posting because they were attacked and harassed.

Dude this guy has lost all credibility, if he had any to begin with.

crazy46 is a confirmed liar now. No credibility there either. She invokes Hulda Clark but doesn't use 99% of Clark's information or protocols. And the cadmium theory of how Hulda died as if it were a fact.

Queen of the strawman she pivots into turning everything into a battle against pharma and elitism, no support for anyone, ban her, simple as that.

Don't get advice from zapperman because all he will do is try to sell you something.

Buy the $10 zapper I posted about if you want to try zapping for cheap.

BTW zapperman is totally caught in his web-of-sales-lies as well because all he could do is post-mine from 6 years ago about a zapper that supposedly killed parasites and poison ivy - totally ridiculous on a lot of levels, not the least of which is that poison ivy rash is caused by volatile oils not pathogens. AND zapperman has denigrated non-frequency zappers in order to promote his overpriced LIMITED frequency devices.

So zapperman can't have it both ways, post-mining about zappers killing parasites, and zappers not working for parasites.

Not to mention that NO current credible people have posted parasite evidence from using zappers. No one gives a f*** about killing rotovirus or other weak pathogens. This has been established over and over and over here, no more bullshit pivots into rotovirus.

crazy46 claims she had cancer. BULLSHIT. psycho liar. either she sill has it or she didn't have it. Post your labs psycho.

Don't get sucked into any of their bullshit. It has nothing to do with pharma vs natural, just people trying to solve health problems. Crazy46 hasn't even done 99% of the Hulda Clark cleanses. I call total and complete bullshit on her.

I will devote some time now to ride them if either of them get out of line -a**holes the both of them plain and simple.

Talk to Mike Forest then, at least he is credible. Or of you want to get into frequency devices there are cheaper, better, more powerful than zapperman's middle of the road milktoast bullshit.

One post from 6 years ago, totally pathetic zman.

Keep digging that hole deeper Z.

Time for both of them to be banned from Support Forums , let him talk to himself in the $ALE$ forums if he wants.

Pathetic zapper salesman and pathetic psycho old maid, enough already.


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