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Re: Scada RSG-4 zapper
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: Scada RSG-4 zapper

>- maybe the electric signal produced by a zapper can kill some kinds of tiny parasitic worms in a human body

It is apparent that this does happen sometimes which has been my point all along. In some cases, it even appears to kill the big ones, but again, not always.

The real question is Why sometimes and not others? Or is why with some people and not others? Or is it a combination of the two?

I think that most likely it is a combination of several factors.

I think first that the most important factor is the actual parasite in question. For example, many bacteria, and I think virus, are easy to destroy because their body structure is generally a lot more rigid than some of the higher creatures, including many worms.

The Ascaris worm is much more flexible than many of the tape worms. This means that Ascaris is going to be one of the hardest parasites to eliminate with electric signals but IT HAS HAPPENED.

The fact that it has happened a few times means that it is possible, given the right combination of factors. The need is to find the exact frequency, voltage, and other parameters that are needed to make this occur on a more predictable basis.

This is, however, exceedingly difficult because of a lack of interest by the medical profession in general and by the intense resistance of the pharmaceutical industry.

There are only a few on these forums who are actually even concerned about worms, especially Ascaris. In have known only of a couple of dozen over the years who have expressed an interest on these forums. They may be some of the most vocal posters but again, there are few.

There are many parasites and pathogens of greater concern. While something like Ascaris can make your life absolutely miserable, thing about the tens of thousands that die every year from Staph infections. Many also die from Norovirus although some think that Norovirus is not important.

I get picked on and heckled a lot but I generally try to come back with the best information that I can provide. I spend extensive amounts of time with actually very low pay to try to find answers to help those in need.

Think about it. Of all the makers of zappers and sellers of zappers, how many are just selling the same old 555 timer based stuff that has produced inconsistent results over the last 25 to 30 years? How many have actually introduced any real and different technologies to try to improve results? I can count those who have made a real difference on one hand.

It is one thing to make a nicer label but it is entirely another to produce a better square wave or more accurate frequency, or to produce accessories that provide a better signal in the places that need to be reached.

>- against big parasitic worms it seems useless

I can accept that it might seem that way but that is because you have not found the right zapper yet. And I am not saying that Any ParaZapper is the right one but I will say that ParaZapper is more likely to be successful than ANY single frequency, dual frequency or even triple frequency zapper that you might try and the answer is not in real high voltage because the higher the voltage, the greater risk of damage to yourself.

Has anyone even looked at Mode 10-B on the ParaZapper MY-3? Or any of the other modes for that matter?

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