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Re: Really? Did you only read the first couple pages??
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: Really? Did you only read the first couple pages??

The worms NOT killed are the ones deep in the intestines where the current has a hard time reaching. That's not a failure on the zappers part, that's a limitation of the access, eh? And it sounds like parazapper's units do have the ability to go in that deep. Your memory is incredibly selective and your comprehension skills need some serious addressing. Or less financial support, maybe.

I'd love to live in your magical world that exempts you from reality. So have you got your spooky2 and are sleeping snuggled up to it yet? I'm sure the pharmaceutical cartel would never bribe or ignore the government or murder folks who get in their way, or because they hate the 'useless eaters' so much. I'm so sure they'd only be kindness and light when it comes to making profits. They're noted for their benevolence and largesse, right? They would have to pay well, that you'd be willing to portray yourself as such an idiot.

But you're right. I have protection of the divine sort, otherwise I'd have been murdered years ago. They can't get to me. Ask. It is in part why they haven't banned me. They know who they're messing with. And there are those who work on the pro-human side protecting me here. Why do you think I dare call out the 'employees'??

Anyway, like screwing in a light bulb to a socket in the depths of a closet that was too far away from the rest of the wiring plus had a lot of interference with jello insulation. They ran the line in the hopes that at least a little of the electricity could get thru, but never expected it to be able to light up more than a little most of the time if at all, which is why you need to bring a flash light aka de parasite herbs and Black-Walnut hull. Any of the deparasiting stuff that's orally ingested can really only clean out the closet though (does it well), so you need the zapper for the rest of the house.

The 'proof' you are so fixated on may well be because you know, just as well as we do that until the pharmaceutical cartel is removed from power, there WILL NEVER BE THAT KIND OF PROOF. PERIOD. So you can gleefully keep harping on it, over and over and over, knowing the real reason will safely prevent such inane idiotic 'proof' from ever being done. You're so obvious it hurts. OW.

And heaven forbid the ill person should even try adding a zapper to the mix and dare getting well. The cartel is desperate to stop that, cuz then they might get well enough, they'll need less of any 'health' product pharmaceutical or by now pretty well pharmaceutical-owned natural healing stuff. So, while OF COURSE they'd prefer you use the horrid murderous excessively expensive stuff, they will take the profit from any place they can.

And healthy people buy far fewer of even natural healing 'remedies' since they no longer need said remedies, so I think they have their employees here pushing the herbs approach as well and doing everything they can to stop people from even trying a zapper--and that's probably your job, eh? With all your persistent whining about 'noooo prooof, blah blah, blah'.

Really it's your obviousness that makes my head hurt. Please stop. If I still had the parasites that made me sick, I'd still be sick. Period. So give it a rest. I think people using their common sense can figure that out.

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