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Re: Not sure if my parasite protocol is working, seeking advice
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: Not sure if my parasite protocol is working, seeking advice

That's an interesting observation. and I do agree that some of the movement could be twitching, but I feel slithering, like snakes swimming in my body.

I was heavily infected, did one major detox and since then, have not had the finances to do a second serious round of detoxing. Within that month i was passing worms everyday over month and half.

So the ones that died laid eggs, and in my head when they were trying to out.

I zap quite frequently, and everyday.

I want to know how long you zapped, and how long it took to kill them.

I know that the zapper is one of the best remedies that i've ever tried, and has even eliminated a few of my food allergies , and I simply feel healthier.

however they're are big ones in my gut. I know this because if i eat something, anything, at least one time a day they'll start flipping around in my gut.

what kind of diet are you on? like what foods do you eat? this would be helpful.

It's not that i don't believe you about the zapper. I wouldn't be where I am without it. when i stopped zapping though for about a week, my body started to feel unhealthy again, and of course the stress and emotions do not help.

i think my emotions, and the evil on this plant, and these worms, can be used as a device for the illuminati to control people.

have you heard of mind control? their are mind control parasite, thriconosis i believe is one of them. anyway. these worms, they may not have special powers, however all forms of disease do not originate from the light. they originate from dark, dense, and low vibrations.

i seriously think that i need to elevate my vibration, and step up my game emotionally, and step away from a abusive ritualistic mind control, this world is heavily embedded with the end times, and satan is not going to win.

i know this might sound silly to some, but these worms have put so much physical pain in my life, or its the other way around, the mind control and ritualistic abuse had kept these worms able to survive.

there are such a thing called mind control implants. rope worms are synthetic worm that created by the chemicals and crops in the foods, which is synthetic.

i don't believe every worm i get is a natural worm from the soil, i think that some of them are synthetic, and have kept the more natural ones in my body alive.

i know that there are millions of people effected, and do not even have a clue, some people choose to look the other way.

i was and still am breaking my teeth and thats what forced me to figure out what the hell was happening to me.

i know these worms are one of the biggest forms of disease that is so secretive because it's disgusting and not appropriate to talk about, which gives parasite more power.

don miguel ruiz's books talks about the parasite, in many different forms, the emotional, mental, physical, spiritual parasite. they are enslaving people all over the planet.

i know for certain I'm probably never going to be a parasite spokes person, however I am not going to be the one to shy away and tell is like it is. this parasite issue is a serious issue in my life. and i wake up depressed because it's a disease i don't always feel i can take care of with herbs or zappers or whatever alone. maybe i'm missing something, maybe there's a trick i'm not trying, maybe i'm to poor to be able to get the treatment i need, however i think this is reocccuring thing thats happening to me. yes i could be giving up on certain things, eating foods that are not healthy, or being stressed and emotionally disturbed, however this is my life and i have to manage it, similarly how i am trying to manage these worms, to not bother me so much, and ignore it. however there is collective disturbance that disrupts the death of these worms living in my body.


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