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My Thoughts on Zapping and Zappers

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glaxony Views: 2,020
Published: 8 years ago

My Thoughts on Zapping and Zappers

I have been zapping off and on for years. I find it to be helpful, but not a cure. I have been treated with several kinds of energy devices and bought three relatively inexpensive zappers myself. parasites don't like zappers. They move around when you are doing it. I've also been treated with some of the more expensive machines, like the SCIO, and Quantum Healing computers. Right now I am getting treatments from the most powerful up to date modern rife device there is. It is amazing and I love how it feels.

Many of the people offering treatments in my area of the world also sell the machines too. Those who do always start acting like it is a pain in the butt to give me treatments after two or three of them, and then they want me to buy a machine of my own because they make more money from commissions than selling treatments. Something about that bugs me, and it makes me not want to buy a machine when they do that. So I don't.

If I ever meet someone who is willing to give me treatments until I am cured, and prove to me that it really is a cure, then I might buy one of the really expensive machines from that person, and start giving treatments myself. Until then, I can't be sure that it's really a cure, as shocking them just enough to make them move around to make me want a machine, and then with holding treatments so I will have to buy one of my own seems kind of unethical to me.

Whether I buy a machine, or I (try to) buy some treatments, zapping is way more expensive than herbs. And so far, I get more results from the herbs. Maybe because I can't afford three treatments a day, and I don't know anybody with a machine, who would have time for it anyway. Meanwhile, I have removed huge wads of Ascaris from my body with madagascar cloves. Not just eggs, but globs of worms. But all the zappers have done, so far, is cause them to migrate around and give me some really strange dreams. I think the strange dreams are an indication that the frequencies are getting to the energetic root of the problem. And that is important. So I keep zapping when I can.

But there really is no way for anybody to avoid doing the systemic cleansing. And you have to make the lifestyle changes to keep them from coming back with a vengeance to kill you. Even if you make the lifestyle changes they will come back and eat at you more slowly if you don't do routine maintenance, unless you manage to clean up your system enough for a transformation of your nervous system to occur and your blood becomes as pure as the Lamb of God's, and then they can't infect you any more. At least that is my understanding of it all.

Killing parasites with zappers, if possible, which depends on being able to afford treatments, or having enough money to buy your own machine, and it ain't cheap, will increase the need for systemic cleansing, since their rotting corpses causes toxemia. There is no way to get around the systemic cleansing. It is my understanding that promoting products you are selling is against the TOS for public forums here. I kind of don't think that somebody whose blood is as pure as the Lamb of God's would violate the TOS. But I am a purist.

Aside from the moral issue, you are supposed to use the directory and market forums or get your own private forum and promote your stuff there. So everybody please be on the lookout for purveyors who are promoting products they are selling on public forums. Click the alert button so the mods can hide those threads. And I would most certainly beware of purchasing products from anyone who is promoting them in violation of the TOS, because that is some bad energy.

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