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article on EC
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Published: 6 years ago

article on EC

Its been a while so i thought i would say hello. Hope everyone is going ok! I still am wondering why a lot of people are struggling with everything. EC is just a form of eczema/dermattis of the lips. Keep it moist and manage it to the best of your ability what ever that involves constant moisture steroid etc etc. Putting liquid bandages or vinegar or any of that weird stuff does NOT cure eczema!!! keeping the skin moist has the ability to lessen the symptoms. The next decade dermatologist/researchers have promised is the time for eczema/dermatitis and other inflammatory skin diseases there is over 25 new systemic drugs in trials for eczema/dermatitis which is showing amazing results. They are targeting different path ways of the inflammatory response through the immune system And the first couple are due to be fda approved in the next 12 months. Now is not the time to be doing all the BS that has been going on this forum for the last 15 years sorry to break it to you but they don't work! In 6 months time go back to the dermatologist find a good one and a smart one that deals with inflammatory diseases and knows about the new treatments coming available and work with them. We are literally months away from possibly being free of this f***ed condition! My life has ben pretty good lately i just keep them moist and gently remove the build up if there is any! yes it still sucks but i know its just time and previously time was against us but now its so close i can taste it! For the new people check out daniki's post she cleared her condition through imuran which is a common immunosuppresive drug which is used for eczema and other inflammatory diseases. I recently found this article also a couple days back which i thought i would share. If your in new york or close might be a good idea to see him at least he is on the right track and knows what he is talking about!

Now another thing maybe some people can help me but I'm not 100% sure what kind of dermatitis this is? For example is it atopic or contact or sebrohic???? i use to think it was sebrohic although my derm has suggested it is not simply because the lips do not produce sebum? and web derm effects areas in the skin which are oily due to an overproduction of sebum. Also he stated in seb derm the flakes shed easily like dandruff yes sometimes they cause thick crust although he said they still shed and can be removed easily but with ec if your actually just left them the crust don't shed there very hard to remove and almost stick to the lips like there part of them. so that had me thinking its not seb derm? Next was atopic now atopic dermatitis normally itches yet we don't have itching we have more a burning sensation so that also has me puzzled? what form do some people actually think we have? i know some people think ec isn't eczema but in my opinion all directions point towards it is.

sorry for the long post ill check back to see if anyone has any questions. if not good luck and ill speak to you guys later in the year! Keep positive the future looks like freedom!

also i forgot to mention latest break through is eczema/dermatitis is auto-immune driven reason why we can't fully cure our ec and most of the cure claims on this forum are rubbish. i believe there are possibly a handful but thats about it. i also believe the immune system can correct it self so its important to have a positive outlook and mentally feel good!

sorry for long post! have a good one

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