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Dr Jeff - Ques B4 starting Candida Plan
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Published: 7 years ago

Dr Jeff - Ques B4 starting Candida Plan

Hi there Dr Jeff,

I have read your books, many posts, and the site and would like to start the program, but would really appreciate it if you could answer a few questions for me before I do so. Following the program will take a sizable commitment so I would really like to be as clear as possible about all aspects.

My story is not much different than many others’. Over the years I’ve had extensive antibiotic use. I’m now dealing with digestive issues, food intolerances, skin rashes, etc. 

Incase it’s of relevance, Genova's CDSA came up with…
NG for Lactobacillus, bifidobacterium, and E coli 
Alpha and gamma hemolytic strep were both 4+.  
No pathogenic strains. 
PH was 6.1 (range = 6.1-7.9), which I imagine is keeping the bad guys in check. 
Rare yeast present.


How do symptoms shift as candida changes from it’s single cell form to a fungal state?

Does typical non-fungal candida cause the same symptoms as fungal candida? I don’t have the usual brain fog, weight gain, etc. My primary symptoms are skin rash, on and off skin itching, headaches, probiotic and fermented food intolerance, etc. I’m very disciplined about my diet though and traditional symptoms do come on quickly after if I eat high carb foods though.

In "The Everything Candida Diet Book”, you write that candida is associated with inflammation. Would an 'in range' SED & ESR level exclude candida as the issue? 

Could low biotin (Genova Organix) be a consequence of candida infection?

I recently tried Undecenoic Acid for a few days to make sure I was okay with it before starting the full program. The first night I took it, I had intense overall skin itching through the night. Would itching indicate a fungal infection, or could other things do this as well?

Before reading "The Everything Candida Diet Book”, I tried Prescript Assist. Within a couple of days, an intense rash with pustules developed over my sinuses on the side I’ve had an infection for years. Would this indicate a fungal infection that’s agitated by the soil based bacteria. I've tried the SBOs about 4 times and the same thing happened each time.

Any fermented foods or lactobacillus containing probiotics bring on awful ongoing acid reflux, bloat, and skin rashes, despite the Genova results. Is this brought on by candida?


Re: Undecenoic Acid - I’ve tried small doses.

The first time I tried UA, my whole body itched like crazy for hours.

Does the Undecenoic acid address yeast in tough to reach places like the sinuses or lungs? 

I had heart palpitations while taking Undecenoic Acid. Is this die-off?

What is undecenoic acid's impact on Saccharomyces Boulardi? Due to the low levels of bacteria, I’m concerned about a C Diff risk during the first 8 weeks of the program. Any thoughts on how to address this?

If symptoms are diminished by undecenoic acid, does that conclusively prove a fungal infection, or does UC have other effects that may account for improvements? 

If undecenoic acid applied topically does not clear up a skin rash, would that indicate that it's not candida related?

During a brief undecenoic trial (2 caps at a time), I got an intense acidic burning feeling by my solar plexus after each dose. From what I understand, taking an alkalizer neutralizes the effects of the UA. What would you suggest? If need be, how long should one wait before taking something to alkalize and not interfere with UA’s desired effect?

While trying the UA, I started to develop a severe yeast infection, something I never get. I recently read, “…antifungal medications can actually create fungal infections, an effect called the Paradoxical Effect.” which has me concerned. Can you please give me your thoughts?

Re: Trace Minerals

Taking Trace Minerals also makes me very acidic. Is this from bile not kicking in? Low mucin? Do you have any suggestions in terms of how to handle this?


Do you see any correlation between low CD57 results and Candida? High CD4/CD8 ratios? 

There appears to be a controversy on the Net regarding the impact of sulfur type supplements (NAC, sulforaphane, lipoic acid, glutathione, etc.) on the Candida. What are your thoughts on this? 

If the cause is fungal in nature, how long into the program can one expect to see skin issues clear up?

Many with SIBO/SIFO seem to have trouble with probiotics and fermented foods. Is this being caused by candida, and if so, how? 

Thank you in advance for your response.  I am so over this and really looking forward to starting the program.



***Please help Dr Jeff....After posting the above, I have been experimenting with Epsom Salts baths and other methods that support the sulfation pathway and Glutathione synthesis. I've always been able to take these supplements (NAC, alpha lipoic, milk thistle) and Epsom Salts baths, but for some reason, they appear to be giving me headaches now. Is this related to Candida. If so, how do I work around this? Ugh!!!! I will do whatever I need to do to get beyond all this madness. Epsom salts used to be my go to fix for everything.


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