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Cavitation and health probelms: attached X-rays
phidias81 Views: 1,733
Published: 6 years ago

Cavitation and health probelms: attached X-rays

Hello everyone!
I have general health problems since 3 years ( a Summary at the end) and I tried to improve my health first curing a B12 deficiency, then chelating for MErcury toxicity, and now I'm at the point of cavitations. I know I have one for sure, plus maybe others. What's your opinion?
Below some more details and X-rays photos.

The images are of course previews, clicking will open an external site and clicking again on the image opens the high resolution and you can see it at 100%, or download it to your computer to enlarge it.

Latest digital panoramic made two months ago. Several dentists said that everything was fine!

August 2014, the tooth 14 (26), before removing the crown, root canal second time and subsequent extraction

Orthopanoramic a few years back: you see all the wisdom teeth

My dental history:

Tooth 14 (26): It 's the main but not the only culprit of my problems. Certainly the most complex as history

Going in order:

1) As a teenager (about 1995 currently I'm 34 year-old) it was a small cavity on the upper molar. Despite the intervention of the dentist, the pain did not pass.
Eventually the dentist decides to do root canal treatment, despite being a superficial caries.

2) Although the root canal treatment, a slight discomfort persisted, it becoming more intense in certain periods, and always after sport.

3) In 2012, I put a metal-ceramic crown after the suggestion of the dentist to see if the pain improves and to prevent fractures.

4) The symptoms did not change and in 2014 I removde the crown and tried a second root canal treatment with a microscope, which improved symptoms only initially, then returning to the levels known.

5) Exasperated I decide for tooth extraction in 2015. To the decision also contributed my overall health symptoms that I had since 2013, of which later.
I Asked both before and during the isurgery to the surgeon to remove both the ligament and any infection.
I was in Indonesia for an art scholarship, and the surgeon was one of the best at the university hospital, but I'm not sure he did his best.
The post extraction curettages was actually limited to 10 seconds maximum of scratching with a tool. I do not know whether it is sufficient

6) The extraction zone improved after the removal of the tooth, but I still felt discomfort, which in some periods became intense burning sensation, symptoms that I would not expect after an extraction. Also during periods of increased discomfort I feel the surface of the gum, where once was placed the tooth, very rough.

7) I went back for a control with the surgeon who performed the extraction after 3 months, and visual and tactile analysis said he does not see anything doubtful and that healing is going well. But I still felt pain.

8) At the end of 2015 I did see another dentist, I made a new orthopanoramic, but also in this case the dentist said that the bone has grown very well and I could be a psychological belief, like when you amputate a limb but still feels nonexistent limb pain.

9) To date, the symptoms persist. Some days ago I finally managed to see in the mirror the "evidence" that there is something wrong. In one of the greatest periods of burning and feeling of roughness, I checked carefully in the mirror, and I was able to see and take pictures of the surface with an alteration and some kind of bumps.

Teeth 32 (48) and 17 (38): extracted in 2012 Both operations lasted around two hours and were extremely painful, probably the anesthetic did not work. The surgeon was very meticulous in cleaning, but I do not think for a specific knowledge of cavitations.
Tooth 30 (46): In 2010 a cavity is treated with Amalgam by the dentist because it is more durable.
In 2012, I remove it for aesthetic reasons, not knowing anything about mercury poisoning. It was removed by a bad dentist without any precautions, and eventually also the filling will prove painful, forcing me to replace it after a short time.

[B] Tooth 5 (14): Another suspect. For years, it hurts and is sensitive to temperature, but until now I have not had the courage to extract it. The dentists would do root canal treatment, but I don't want anymore more. I'd be ready if necessary remove it now, but first I would try neural therapyif there are not already bone problems. The filling has already been done four times since I was a teenager.

[B] Teeth 1-16 (18-28): Extracted AFTER a week that all my symptoms would start. very simple and painless extraction in minutes. I do not think the dentist has taken any precaution for the bone

That's it for my teeth. Below I add details about my general health problems.

Currently I have tingling all over the body that change in intensity and position. They are quite constant more or less on the cheek in correspondence of the tooth 26 referred to be problematic.

Also accelerated heartbeat and shortness of breath at times, as well as fatigue and low energy.
Lymph nodes in the neck and the ears often inflamed.
Sometimes pain in the head in three specific points.

Below complete list of symptoms.
After being initially diagnosed with B12 deficiency, I did injections and supplements with initial improvements, then no more advancement.
For two years I followed Cutler protocol with ALA, DMSA and supplements for mercury detoxification. From statistical test I had about 98% chance of being intoxicated.
Mercury exposure: In 2009 I had 8 vaccines in 2 weeks before going to India. At least 2 of these from my subsequent research had Thimerosal. Amalgam was removed without protection. As a child I used to play with broken mercury thermometers.

Exams: 2 rMRI to the brain, electromyography, blood tests of all kinds, 2 abdominal ultrasound, gastroscopy 2, chest X-ray, neurological examinations, ENT specialist, hematologist, 3 times to hospital emergency

During the health checks I was found Megalosplieen (beta thalassemia minor), a kidney of 5.5cm instead of 12cm, metastasia (not barrett) esophagus, lung scars from previous infection.

SYMPTOMS LIST (+ = rare +++ = x = only an occasional episode and then gone)

+++ Tingling first on left side (hand and face), and then distributed Throughout the body: face, hand, tongue, back, nose, legs, etc.
+++ Increasing at night
+++ Can be sensation of tingling, or burning sensation or decreased At
+++ Feeling change, except left hand and face fairly constant
+++ Limbs fall asleep easily blackberries
++ Tiredness and sometimes headaches
++ Feeling like excess energy flowing in my bones-body with a need to to activity to dissipate it
++ Joint pain
+ headaches
+ Flu like symptoms but without fever
+++ Persistent (but decreasing in intensity) articular pain in my left hand and right foot for many months, without any traumatic episode: they basically started the same day
+ Concentration difficulties
++ Feeeling of not living in a reality (brain fog?)
+++ tachycardia
+ Shortness of breath
++ nausea
++ Anxiety panic attack up to a couple of times (first time in my life)
x slight swelling or feeling of tiredness in the eyes, especially the left one with lowered vision
x genital candida
+ Seasonal allergies to pollen
+ Fur cat allergy (new entry)
x low platelets
x low white cells
+++ Bad breath
++ Mood instability
+ B12 deficiency

x Emorragic Gastritis
+ Tingling tongue,
x tensioned tongue, feeling Which extends to the throat
x lymph node of neck and under the chip swollen
x throat discomfort, as if I have something I have to swallow or if I have cobwebs in my throat.
+++ Coated tongue with a yellowish-green tint in Particular on the back side + red wound with dark dots and bumps (candida tampon for the tongue was negative 2 times)
x feeling of my jaw being blocked
x extrememely dry mouth and lost of taste
x swollen glands under the tongue
+ Metallic taste mouth


++ Pain 2 cm to the right of the umbilicus
+ Pain solar plexus pain and sometimes widespread
+++ Lot of air in the stomach and abdomen
+++ Many burps
+++ Several times a day to defecate, and if at evening or night, with anxiety and tachycardia before
++ Anxiety sometimes improves after stool
x underarm lymph nodes swollen
++ Reflux
++ Acute pain, but not too strong in the area of ​​appendicitis (Already removed)
Annoyance ++ on top left of the abdomen (colon - spleen)
+ Spleenomegaly (probably always had it and discoverd only now, because i have beta thalassemia minor)
+ Metaplasy in my Esophagus (tested no Barrett)
+ 1 kidney found to be small (5.5 cm instead of 10-12cm: possibly congenital or possibly two to mercury toxicity?)

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