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Re: More Questions about Liver Cleanse (for Archus and Chiron)
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: More Questions about Liver Cleanse (for Archus and Chiron)

In future, holysin, you should take malic acid, as Liver Flush prep. since you have longterm candida. That being so, you really needed to prepare for flushing.

The malic acid for six days, or gold coin grass-- as says Andreas. My preference is for eating the apples, and drinking cranberry juice -also very good for the kidneys.

-and it's really true--longterm, "an apple a day..".-
Funny and useful aside: I used to only want/be able to tolerate green apples, granny smiths, for years and years. Then, after I did liver flushing, and water fasting, I could begin to eat the sweeter kinds, and now I love them. Don't gravitate so much to the green apples. I read that as saying
the green apples were helping the liver, a little, and, as I have said elsewhere, I used to have hypo-glycemia; had it as a child, and also had kidney issues-- nephritis-- fear-based.
(and of course, liver issues that I did not know about, until later)

I read most of the Liver Flush book last night, ( I should say, re-read it) and it's Strongly advised, that anyone thinking of doing a liver /gallbladder flush -or thinking of doing some faster form of
taking oil and lemon juice they find online, read this book. Before. It gives context like nothing else.

I'd like to put that in bold caps, but I don't want to be rude.
The book is inspiring, comprehensive, - you will see how the liver works, and why stuff happens, and it will amaze you with
how thorough it is--and how many health mysteries it solves.

There is no need for people to fear the liver flush, but there is a need to read this book! In My Honest View. Then, you can safely decide if you are NOT going to do colonics, how you will stop yourself from re-absorbing any toxins released from the stones. This is important. So, yes, enemas, as he says, (which I've never done). I do take the salt water flush, and it does clear me out.
Ad I don't have a candida overgrowth. That suggests to me a big burden of toxicity, and a very clogged liver. I am sure the Liver Flushes with the prep would really help you holysin.

Andreas is being very careful to address all readers, so as not to cause any harm. The colonic he says to do within three days after would probably be just fine for someone who'd done the prep and the pre-flush colonic. ( That prep is vitally important, as is the whole state of the colon, and how the person is eating. People have to honest with themselves about their own chronic states.)

Others -who don't do colonics- would do well to do a salt water flush if they tolerate them, (some people may be too toxic AND/OR too dehydrated, AND/OR so minerally-deficient, that the body tries to take minerals from the salt, and won't cause a flush. ) I would do a 'test run' of the salt water flush, some morning, on a day off. Drink a large glas of water first, or a cup of hot water, and then about a half-hour later take the SWF-- 2 teaspoons, good pure Seasalt , not refined, or himalayan salt or Realsalt, to a quart of boild water. Let cool enough to drink as a hottish broth, and get ti down in a few minutes. I'm used to this now, and can drink it it a minute or so. The kidneys do not take it up, so it is not "too much" liquid all at once. The body treats it as something to move down and out. You can do a bit of light stretching to help the process. Within 1/2 hour to an hour max. expect the first bowel movement. depending on what you've got in there, it may be semi-liquid. Bu the end, it should be just clear liquid, essentially the salt water itself.

The only time the salt water flush hasn't come out
in the exact volume that went in, for me, is when I have been dehydrated, before. When the flush begins, sip more plain hot water, and this also contributes to the process. Andreas did not like the SWF, not sure why, as it is an Ayurvedic practise often combined with various cleanses. But I just love it.

Anytime I feel 'off' or like there is a some bug going around, I will do one. This might sound like a lot. it's not. It amounts to maybe twelve or less a year.

Last word: Do NOT ever do the SWF (Salt-Water-Flush) with salt that is not top-quality real salt. The stripped stuff is like poison, and if it gets absorbed, it's damaging.


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