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Re: top parasite myths. how to really kill parasites. 7 years experience and what i have learned
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: top parasite myths. how to really kill parasites. 7 years experience and what i have learned

Alright, you're right. Maybe if I just "stopped thinking" about my symptoms when I was dangerously underweight and nearly hospitalized with a stomach the size of a of bounce house I would have gotten better. Yeah right. Clearly you were not nearly as sick as I was.

I think the better question is, if my advice would make people worse, why did it cure me of so-called "incurable diseases" and bring my health from the shitter to a place where all my numbers are healthy/above average?

Please expand on which parts of my advice would make people worse? And please do not mention garlic like that other guy. That was an individualized, not necessarily an all-inclusive situation. The example of why garlic does not always kill parasites is akin to why bakeries using Black-Walnut in their cakes will also not produce parasite-killing foods. I already explained there is a difference between garlic and allicin just like there is a difference between kale and vitamin k or riboflavin and broccoli.

As for the rest of it, please tell me which advice I gave was bad/wrong/inaccurate. Was it my list of healthy fats, foods, leafy greens? Or my list of supplements which have all been proven very useful in ridding parasites? Or my list of alt. health recommendations that have been shown to have extensive benefits in curing/treating disease?

Funny how anyone quick to bash me does so quickly with spelling errors in their reply. It makes me question the authenticity of those submissions, whether there are either paid shills or close-minded individuals. Simply put, these suggestions I put are what cured me of all disease and illness I was plagued with when nothing else did and no doctors could help me. So if it means nothing else I already know it CURED me, so at the very least can help others.

As for what type of parasite, I know I have some sort of tapeworm. I have seen several large white "chunks" like cashew pieces when on a nut free diet that couldn't resemble anything I've eaten, along with hundreds of sesame seed pieces/white rice segments in each of my stools. To my understanding that is tapeworm. I have also seen Ascaris looking strings many times. I know I have more than one, probably 3 or 4 different kinds at least. Maybe a dog roundworm (toxocara canis) since I know my dog was tested positive for it.

Stool samples are not even a reliable indicator of parasites or even the type. They only test a very limited number and they miss a lot of stuff. What kind of question is "How do you know what you have if you haven't even been tested?" on an alternative medicine website is like asking "How do you know you have a headache if you haven't had a CT scan." It's not even relevant and adds nothing to the discussion.

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