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Reverend Mystic Mother Tracy Elise
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Published: 7 years ago

Reverend Mystic Mother Tracy Elise

The Tracy Elise Conviction

I am very sad that Tracy Elise has been convicted of prostitution and racketeering. It seems rather odd to me that society will allow orthodox Jewish parents to give permission for Hasidic Moyle's to suck the penises of their new born baby boys during a circumcision ritual, and adult pagans are not allowed to accept donations for sharing their bodies intimately. Whose body is it anyway? Does it really belong to the jury and the government? Something is not right about that.

It also seems odd to me that secret societies worshipping satan can gather in the woods to worship and conduct sacrificial blood rituals, but grown women do not have the right to willingly have sex with someone for a price. It is even more strange that men can hire dominatrixes to whip them, torture them, and even draw blood. All of that is perfectly legal. But if I teach someone how to be a better lover and allow him to practice what he has learned on me and give him constructive feed back, I have to limit how far he can go with me, or I am at risk of getting arrested. I am absolutely certain that is why the divorce rate is so high.

I find it extremely disheartening that a jury would choose to impose topsy turvy unconstitutional moral laws on a person who has done no harm, regardless of how unconventional her religious practices are. Was there a victim in this case? Who is the government trying to protect when they make an arrest like this? Who is the jury protecting? What harm has been done? Did any of these questions come up in the trial?

How odd to live in a world where men can see each other from a distance in XXX book stores, go into little booths the size of outhouses, stick their dicks in glory holes, and suck each other off for as long as they keep putting quarters in the machine to keep the videos playing. How sad that grown men and women can be arrested for showing compassion toward one other sexually if any money exchanges hands. Is there any wonder why unusual sexual practices are flourishing in this country while normalcy is going by the wayside?

The laws against prostitution are without a doubt unconstitutionally vague, broad, and over-reaching. They violate the right to pursue happiness that is guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States of America. What two consenting adults do behind closed doors in private, which harms nobody, is none of the government's business. It seems to me the legality of making such an arrest should have been challenged on constitutional grounds.

With regard to the question of whether it was a church or a brothel, sexuality and spirituality have always been intimately entwined by virtue of the concept of holy matrimony. That sex is a sacred act is an inherent truth that cannot be denied. The jury has denied this truth. Claiming religious exemption from paying taxes on money earned by accepting donations for intimacy services could mean the difference between probation and a prison sentence for Tracy Elise. I wonder if Hasidic Rabbi's allow the family to make a donation to the temple after performing a brit milah?

The photos of Reverend Elise's establishment appear to be relatively discrete. She did not have XXX painted on the side of the building. I hope she appeals the case, and she is released from jail on appeal. A higher court needs to resolve some of the constitutional issues this case raises. But I am sure she would have to rely on logic instead of ritual to get that far. She would also have much better luck getting a favorable ruling on constitutional grounds if she had paid taxes instead of claiming a religious exemption, regardless of how sincere her religious beliefs are.

If Tracy were to appeal and lose, it would be a strangely ironic twist of fate if she were then to receive probation and be released on the condition that she pay her taxes and court fees. She would, of course, have to commit prostitution in order to earn that kind of money. Much stranger things are going on in this world. Arresting consenting adults for having sex and accepting donations is one of them. If only she could seek political asylum in a country where religion and politics do not conspire to undermine personal liberties. If only there was one. Of course fantasies of a more just outcome are less powerful than the prayers this woman needs.

A favorable ruling in a case like this would have far-reaching implications that are unimaginable. Every escort service in the nation would file for non-profit status, become a church, and start requiring the ladies to show up on Sunday mornings to pray. Customers would be invited to sing in the choir. Many of them would probably be praying to Satan and the demons tattooed on the pimp's bodies.

To win a case like this, the issue would have to be extremely narrow and clearly defined. There is a huge gap that will have to be bridged for prostitution to be decriminalized. On one hand, I wouldn't want to see ladies in lingerie standing on the street corners holding up signs that say, "Get your Blow Jobs here for $50!" On the other hand, forbidding anyone from using their own body to earn a living discretely behind closed doors in private seems like a human rights violation to me.

It would be nice if society would begin to assume more responsibility by relying less on written rules and regulations, and start to utilize committees instead of sending in government gangs to harass and punish questionable activities. If a panel made up of experts in the field, members of the community affected, professional colleagues and peers cannot come forward and clearly identify the victim and/or potential future victims in any alleged crime, then perhaps there was no crime actually committed and it is just a matter of attempted social engineering.

To make an example of someone for not paying taxes when the person clearly honestly believes they do not owe any, instead of providing the opportunity to pay is cruel and unusual punishment in my humble opinion. And it will cost the taxpayers money to support a woman who has done no harm instead of putting money in the government's coffers. There has to be a better way. \

Please sign the petition circulating on Tracy's behalf if you care about personal freedom: PETITION


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