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HOLY ****. 20 years of CLICKY-JOINTS/CRACKING JOINTS CURED with just 1 month of Iodine!
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Published: 5 years ago

HOLY ****. 20 years of CLICKY-JOINTS/CRACKING JOINTS CURED with just 1 month of Iodine!


It's 2 AM and I just had to write this because I realized my knees and knuckles no longer crack.


-Taking Iodine for a month now. (Lugol's 2%, anywhere between 3-10 drops daily.)

-I have been cracking my knuckles since 6th grade (25 now).

-My knees were the worst (I never had any pain or arthritic sympthoms) but my god did my knees click.

-I've actually decreased my dairy (dietary calcium) this month, just because I haven't been craving dairy.

-Any time I bent down to pick something up, I'd hear a crack in both knees. I could also do it on command if I wanted to.

-It was actually embarrassing during sex when my knees or toes or fingers would crack, (yes it was that noticeable and loud.)

-I've taken megadoses of MSM and collagen in the past and never noticed any improvement in joint-health so if I did have some underlying joint/bone issue, it wasn't related to sulfur.


I have been exercising a lot lately and a few nights ago, I noticed my knees stopped clicking. But they also felt a little inflamed/sore. I've NEVER had any sort of knee pain so I thought it was odd, but attributed it to doing too many squats in the gym.

I actually now think it was a sort of "repair" or detox reaction, and my body creating an inflammatory response in my joints to force my body to heal itself in that location.

[SUMMARY:] My JOINTS NO LONGER CRACK! My knees have been clicking/cracking for 20 years and. The only difference in my lifestyle in the past month has been the high dosing of Iodine. I'm 100% convinced it healed my clicking joints.

Has anyone else noticed improved bone/joint health from Iodine supplementaton?

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