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Re: No fat loss but only water and muscle?
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: No fat loss but only water and muscle?

Fasts/diets are a waste of time, and health. You always gain it back and doing it too much makes you vulnerable to getting very sick.

Your body thinks you are starving and since it's happened once, the body assumes it will happen again. So it saves MORE fat for next time in addition to what it had saved before you fasted.

So every fast, weird a$$ diet that seems like you're starving or even significantly are not getting enough to eat, will always trigger that.

You can eat as carefully after as you want. Your body will find ways to regain all it had stolen by the fast or whatever plus more for next time.

I use EFT and muscle testing, and what I've learned is the need to store excess weight is completely dependent on your body's ability to keep itself healthy. If you have overweight relatives, chances are good there's a lot of messed up DNA coding in your health' programing. In a system as old as human bodies are, it wouldn't be unlikely that systems aren't functioning right, considering we've never had upgrades or even updates, eh?

But every body does have a ideal human template where, using muscle testing and EFT, you can redo your DNA y using the stored 'right' version there. I got my weight regulation process back on line finally. Wow, all the ways I found that the code was messed up---corrupted, missing, missing DNA, work arounds using code from other things that kept the system barely limping along, the DNA strands being kinked and so on. It took months to get through the layers of damage/fixes needed. Now, the weight is just melting away. I don't have to do anything. It's fixed and working like it should have, all along.

But ohh what a profitable industry the 'elites' have created by weight shaming us, making us think skinny is so much better, to get us to try and make our damaged bodies behave as if they're fixed by using methods and products that only make it worse. *cha-ching!!* and on we go, chasing an unobtainable unrealistic goal while giving all our money to the weight loss industries own by the 'elites' and their pet pharmaceutical cartel.

It's never about will power--look at those folks who eat like horses and never gain a pound. That's how it's supposed to work. They do start gaining weight when old age starts interfering with their ability to stay healthy though, as well. So, as esoteric as this may sound, after 30 years of chasing the pharmaceutical lie of 'weight loss', I stopped, realizing the waste of time, effort and money it all was.

I hung out then at a weight that was higher than the official' version said I should be but it never increased as it was doing before while I tried to 'manage' it using the cartel lies.. Healed my body, and realized that nothing the cartel pushed ever fixed that.

So I dug around and found the real reason--messed up body programs that couldn't function properly. Muscle testing said EFT could fix nerve/DNA issues, so I got busy. And yes, it did fix DNA/ nerve problems and I'm just dropping weight now effortlessly.

If you want real lasting weight loss, learn muscle testing and EFT. (it won't cost a penny--you can just hear the cartel employees howl) And save yourself gobs of money and stress.


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