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Re: Traditional chinese medicine doctor vs naturopathic doctor.
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: Traditional chinese medicine doctor vs naturopathic doctor.

For me Chinese Medicine is the best I like naturopathic medicine too. A couple stories I will share maybe it will help someone decide which route to take.

When I was 21 I had droopy eye the Medical University thought maybe a stroke I was slim active. I had a whole body MRI and bunch of other tests and billed my insurance 8430.and gave me some strange diagnosis.

My colleague sent me straight to her professor at the Chinese Medicine school cost 80.
small fee for herbs. This doctor has calming energy. He asked me few questions checked a couple things sat with me for like 15 minutes.
Had acupuncture which felt so wonderful I felt like I had floated off into dreamland. At the end of my visit he asked me what I wanted to granules,or loose herbs? I picked loose herbs since they were more effective and stronger. Took them and I has some nightmares about anger that night and when I woke up within 24 hours I was cured! The MD at the return visit goes, "looks like we misdiagnosed you." I learned a lesson that day about how powerful Chinese Medicine is, that day it prevailed over western Medicine.

Naturopathic medicine doctors all have their OWN SPECIALITIES, so be sure to choose the right one. I did not know they these doctor are all specialized in certain areas! Do your homework look at the reviews, look at angles list, get a recommendation

I did see an ND she was super arrogant in a posh office, dresses like she is going to a party Too funny! Lacked polish, is some big expert something or rather. cost 500.00 for a two hour appointment and this covered a bunch of blood tests, like genetic propensity tests.

Second naturopathic, I saw was highly rated attended one of the top five schools in the world. Has written books, won some awards lecture also teaches. First visit she talked to me and instantly suspected a hidden abscess was given mercuruis heel four weeks my chin puffed up and the once hidden abscess was big clue on what was going on. She mixes up a bottle of homeopathic stuff I loved the bottles and the smell of the herbs, there is just something about things that come from nature! Anyhow the cost for the bottles between 8.00 and for big bottle 21.00 of some stronger stuff. I feel so much better when I feel that the price is fair. When I feel like someone is not trying to rip me off. A doctor that wants me to get well and genuinely cares about me, and is not rushed . I totally respect that since that is how a doctor should be.

Both of my MD love this guy. Super polished, Naturopathic doctor he is well known, highly respected naturopathic doctor he loves his work, is a true academic.He will cure you today if you have the time and money. He is an action taking doctor, he will give you list list of stuff to take and to consider and to read,then he will tell you why. This is big ozone IV clinic He makes my MD looks like a slow moving turtle.

There is a Chinese Medicine Doctor here that does not advertise he is the busiest doctor office I have ever seen in my life has eight to ten room going .
First visit 225.00
second visit 100.
Herbs cost 50. to 120 last a couple months
This doctor grows his own herbs they are organic ! He is very calm and present not rushed in any way. I think he was an MD before when he was in China, I have talked to many people in the waiting room that MD were not able to help them. The CMD cures people from all kinds of things. The women needed a kidney transplant he cured her she skipped the kidney surgery. When you arrive there you get a twenty minute massage and then you get acupuncture or moxa which is amazing. I swear he is " one with the force" Chi gung master . It is spendy but worth it

For two years I had heat intolerance I was sick of it. I told him give me something really strong, I cannot take it anymore. I took the herbs and my heat intolerance began to disappear within three days! Now, my MD was fumbling around trying to fix me for two years of heat intolerance!

I'm began to wonder, that many doctors, not all do not have any incentive to cure patients? If they cure you they cut off their economic source. There must be a quota they have to meet. They just keep billing your insurance and hope your too dumb to notice that you not getting well. For me an MD is last possible option. I will go to an alternative provider first. Because it lines up with what I believe NON GMO, organic vegetarianism, yoga, meditation and non Genetically-Modified-Organisms cotton clothes, low emf exposure,
organic surrounding, clean water, peaceful existence, and higher consciousness so I'm totally on the same wavelength with ND/CMD!

I want to know what the cause is and I want to know what I can do about it, naturally and gently. I want to understand the complexity of what we are looking at on a deeper level not on some superficial level .If the situation calls for it. I will go to MD , if I take the very best care of myself I hope to avoid them for the rest of my life.

I think the best mixture would be seeing an Naturopathic/ Chinese Medicine Doctor, that is big in homepathic stuff. Or an MD that is also has Naturopathic or Chinese Medicine doctor.


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