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Re: Tired of living like a hermit
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: Tired of living like a hermit

I agree with most of that. These are some of the foods I eat each day: kale,spinach, carrots, avacado, celery, raspberries, blueberries, pineapple, oranges, grapes, brocolli, califlower, mango, bananas, dates, pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, cashews, walnuts, almonds, brazil nuts, potatos, sweet potatoes, garlic, kidney beans, green beans, lentiles (green & red), mung beans, humus, corriander seeds, cumin seeds, fennel seeds, apples.

I often juice carrots, celery, apples & spinach or kale together with some plant protein powder. This diet gives me enough calories and occasionally I will mix in different fruit/vegetables. Some I have probably forgotten from the list.

I am of the same opinion that this could be related to autoimmunity if the body is fighting all the time. This could be why a bacteria like staph/candida (which is relatively harmless when kept in check by the bodies immune system) gets a chance to cause havoc. The theory that the body is dumping off toxins could apply to someone that eats a toxic diet, but I don't and haven't for many years. The vivid dark circles under my eyes indicate allergies/sensitivites of some nature, another clue given by the body...

Let's say that in our case we may be suffering some acute chronic hypersensitivity to a substance.. what I'm still trying to work out is whether it's something still put into the body, or whether the source was removed some years ago but the liver/other organs are still holding onto a toxic build up... unless the source is a heavy metal it seems unlikely to be a substance the body would not have long since removed through the bowels or the skin. It makes more sense that it is a substance the body is still coming into contact with, either through ingestion or inhalation.

On this note I've experimented with various different soaps, shampoos and body washes. I use a castile liquid soap/shampoo with contains just organic oils. My skin does not dry out as much now.

I permenantly switched to a food grade toothpaste.. with just organic ingredients (my gums don't bleed after brushing anymore, they seem to be pinker instead of patchy dark red in places). This affects how severe the lips peel, but has not stopped them peeling.

I switched to a bio washing powder (it's a capsule that goes in the washing machine). The product is designed for people with allergies. No observable effect on skin or lips.

Household cleaners ; I don't clean the house (someone else does) but I try to make sure the harshest chemicals are not used to clean worktops etc. No observable effect.

Washing up liquid ; a potential source of irritation for some people : . I purchased an organic washing up liquid in January but sadly the person I live with still uses the brand of washing up liquid I'm trying to eliminate. The brand is Fairy Liquid which contains isothiazolinone also known as Kathon CG which has been linked (even in small doses) to dermatitis/excema. It is also found in a host of other detergents/cleaners. This could be a potential culprit and may explain why the sneezing/headaches occur shortly after eating/drinking as the body would be exposed to residue left on eating utensils, glass & plates for example.. It may even be that long term ingestion of very small amounts of these chemicals has lead to toxicity then maintained by relatively routine ingestion of the chemicals each time we eat/drink. This could point towards why the lips seem to peel more or less violently, say if we were to drink from a glass that has not been in contact with the washing up liquid for some days... Also from the view of where the irritation is occuring (the muscoa/lip lining/inside the stomach) are areas where a contact allergy such as this would be localised. Say, for example, swilling water in your mouth from a glass containing trace amounts of isothiazolinone.. this may be enough for sensitised people to develop a reaction, not necessarily straight away either; as we know some allergies can occur 48+ hours after first exposure.

From an environmental perspective I'm trying to make sure I've covered all my bases before embarking on liver cleanses/ flushes.


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