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CURED! - the answer was veggies.
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Published: 6 years ago

CURED! - the answer was veggies.

The key to a successful candida diet is LESS focus on meat and eggs and MORE focus on green, non-starchy vegetables. This promotes healing.

Also! Body Odor can be cured through chlorophyll. Rather than supplementing with chlorophyll in the form of pills and liquid, just make sure the bulk of your diet is green, non-starchy veggies.

Also include nuts and low glycemic fruits after a few weeks to a month.

When I did the normal candida diet, I would eat eggs for breakfast and my symptoms would seem to get worse. Now I eat steamed green veggies for breakfast, or even a salad with a little fish for breakfast. I NEVER eat fruit for breakfast. I never start nor do I end the day off with any kind of fruit or sugary food. You can (after a few weeks to a month) but it's just not something my body handles well at the moment.

These are just some of my tips and personal rules to the anti-candida diet. You'll always have to shape it to suit yourself so make sure to listen to your body. I hope this is the proper diet for some people. These may seem like small changes but they made the world of difference for me.

Here is a list of my symptoms so people have a better clue as to what I've gotten rid of:

- I was clumsy and had poor control over my body, I felt weak all the time and my limbs would just hang, limp.

- Bad breath after eating certain foods, especially beans and potatoes.

- Chest pain

- Bloating

- Itchy scalp / Moldy dandruff.

- White tongue

- Stale breath, even after I brushed my teeth.

- Chronic vaginal yeast infection / BV

- Sulfuric Body Odor radiating from back of my throat *especially* after eating eggs or any animal protein by itself with no veggies.


All of those symptoms GONE within two days (I've been on this diet for about a month and I'm still symptom free - don't worry) of eating mainly veggies, some meat and sea food, nuts, and NO eggs. I don't know why eggs just don't sit well with me...

The main focus of this is the veggies and how I start my day off with mostly veggies rather than protein with nothing green on the side.

My tips based on my experience:

- ALWAYS have a ton of green on your plate.

- NEVER start the day off with Sugar or protein unless you add in 2x the amount of green veggies to your plate. You need to eat adequate amounts of proteins, but the bulk of your diet should still be green.

- Personally, for me, the best time of day to eat any form of Sugar is in the middle of the day. This may not even matter for you.

- Liquid chlorophyll shouldn't be your primary source but is a great lifesaver when you are in a situation where you can't eat a ton of green veggies.


Different things work for different people, but this worked a lot for me and is actually very easy to maintain. Basically it's the ketogenic diet with extra emphasis on green veggies. Veggies make the world of a difference for some people so I felt I needed to make this! All I take in the morning is apple cider vinegar tablets and a probiotic.

I really hope this is able to help some of you who just feel as though a regular candida diet is making things worse!

Anyways feel free to ask any questions!!! I love to help.

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