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Gallbladder and other health issues.
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Published: 6 years ago

Gallbladder and other health issues.

Hello all at Curezone, first time registered here and do apologize in advance for my long ramblings.

I’d like to start by mentioning that I am a 58 years old male, 5’7” and weighing around 145 lbs.

I had a few gallstone attacks back in 2012 and was advised by doctors, surgeons and friends that there was no option other than to remove the gallbladder. At that point, I also had spinal stenosis, sciatica, herniated discs, enlarged prostrate, hemorrhoids, Arthritis and liver cyst (a scarred mass left from ‘80s due to amoebic abscess), all of which contributed to the deterioration of my overall health.

I hesitated to remove my gallbladder and went online to do some thorough research back then and studied several sites including Curezone. I learned about Andrea Moritz and Hilda Clark’s liver/gallbladder flush recipes and decided to change my lifestyle, diet and to do the flush.

In 2013 I did 3 flushes over a period of 6 months and the results were quite dramatic. The first one was shocking and a bit scary, in that, I not only saw hundreds of stone-like bits floating and as well as sunk in the toilet but also few greenish worms crawling. I felt very weak but after few days of good rest, became rejuvenated. The second flush released more stones and the third lesser. There were no more gallbladder attacks after the first flush. My diet mainly consisted of light breakfast, fruits, vegetables, juicing, some chicken and fish, organic and gluten-free products and lots of water. I went down from about 185 lbs to 130 during that time. I could feel my body aches and pains diminished, skin tone improved, felt lighter yet stronger and a clearer mindset.

Fast forward to mid 2015, due to unavoidable circumstances, my lifestyle and diet reverted back to where I was once again; gradually consuming fast foods, fatty and cholesterol laden foods, hot and spicy foods, sodas, chocolates, candies, ice-creams and so forth along with the “good stuff” as well. Gee, I couldn’t resist such yummy foods. My weight gradually went back up to around 160 lbs. and started to feel the fatigue, body aches, stressful situations and hold-and-behold, the gallbladder attacks once again. I started taking apple cider vinegar and occasionally 7-up with salt, which would ease the pain.

Come November 2015, I moved from California to Texas. Here, in the beginning, I started consuming more of the hot, spicy and fatty foods mainly due to the company and circumstances I was in and had few minor attacks. Each time taking apple cider vinegar and hot towel wraps to calm.

I recently moved to another place here in Texas and with that came a few stronger gallbladder attacks and then just 2 weeks ago that night came the most excruciating attack of my life after consuming some hot and spicy Chicken Masala. It was unbearable. I was sweating, shivering, having chest and shoulder pains, feeling out-of-breadth and about to pass out when I suddenly felt something large stuck or trying to get out of the bile duct and slowing moving back and forth in the gallbladder; all the while having immense pain. I felt my stomach area painfully tight. I was in the bathroom and started to vomit profusely, after which the pain suddenly died out and felt very weak. My housemate took me to the nearby ER where they did a blood test, EKG and an ultrasound. The ER doctor said that my gallbladder is completely full of stones and needs to be taken out as soon as possible and gave me a choice whether to be taken out early morning while I spent the night in the hospital or referred me to a surgeon to schedule an appointment right away. I chose the latter, came home and went to bed.

From that day onward, I once again started eating nothing else but fresh fruits, vegetables, juices/water, some non-spicy baked chicken and fish, whole wheat bread, non-fat organic preserves/jams, olive oil made non-fat butter, apple cider vinegar and lots of Granny apples. I still continue to have very slight pain now and then, perhaps due to the sack full of stones or a mushy liver along with my back and other problems as mentioned in the beginning.

With all that said, am I still a candidate for a flush or must I rid my organ?

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