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Re: liver flushes, h pylori, parasites
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: liver flushes, h pylori, parasites

Sounds like you have been through the ringer, sorry for your troubles man. I really think getting your bile moving would be of great use, as you already suggest. Some signs your body is unable to pass/stopped producing bile:

-Yellowing of the skin (jaundice) or eyes (icterus), from the buildup of a waste product called bilirubin
-Itching (not limited to one area; may be worse at night or in warm weather) ***this one may be due to your parasites tho***
-Light brown urine
-Weight loss
-Fever or night sweats
-Abdominal pain, especially common on the right side under the rib cage
-Greasy or clay-colored stools
-A diminished appetite

As to your liver fluke question, over on the Lyme forums some people have had some awesome results using Sea Salt /vitamin c which in high volume 'acts a natural antibiotic.'


If you decide to follow this, please do use a whole foods vitamin C with all the cofactors, such as Pure Synergy or Alive! brand. Synthetic Ascorbic Acid can kill good bacteria and will leach minerals from the body to gather co-factors to work.

Also, I am afraid you might have to bite the bullet and either do the P&B shakes after a week of veggie/juice fasting or the Ultimate Fast to really clean you out. The UF especially would be nice because people talk about massive defecation with almost no effort. This would also give your liver time to heal from having to process/detox from meat and any other food that might be giving it a hard time. Just some food for thought.

UF Story: //

Leaky gut info: //

Also, if it is H. Pylori, here is a site with some natural remedies to try. Seems like the common Antibiotics prescribes only have about a 35% success rate so if you are positive for it you may want to try holistic first.

Seems like quite a few ppl here on CZ have had success with Matula Tea.


Some, not too much...


In the link I posted, I see that if one does suffer from H. Pylori that the bacteria secretes something that lowers stomach acidity. H. Pylori apparently releases an enzyme which increases urea in the body, increasing the workload on the kidneys and burrowing into the stomach walls. It can cause a peptic ulcer which mess with the pyloric valve like you said, causing the backup of bile/stomach acid into the esophagus and possibly may explain your vomit. But if you were vomiting bile it should be green/yellowish in hue, so maybe it is just stomach acid.

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