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Severe reaction to probiotic Candida die off and Chelated Molybdenum
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Published: 7 years ago

Severe reaction to probiotic Candida die off and Chelated Molybdenum

Hi can you help me. I took a 20 billion probiotic last week and went into a panic attack over the severe reaction my body went into. Major malfunction, I thought I might die. I had diareer , tingling strongly on my head and through my body, heart felt strained, feet went cold as ice, a very horrible scary 7 hours on the bathroom floor not being able to walk to the bed as every time I moved it got worse I'm healing fro Mercury, candida, leaky gut and the auto immune disease Hashimoto's thyroiditis. I had starved the candida for 3 weeks prior to this accident. I usually take a 6 billion acidophilus but had run out and ordered a 20 billion my mistake. Since this happened a week ago, I am ill, in bed, muscles weak, head going tingly, sore unsettled feeling in stomach, couldn't eat for a coupe of days, then just cabbage soup organic of course. Every time I try to go downstairs and move around a little, it gets worse and I have to come back to bed. After researching the nutritional scientists on this, I found out that candida die off releases 79 poisons and that some of those the body is not able to get rid of and they stay in your system damaging muscles and neuro and joints. So I bought Chelated Molybdenum 150mcg tablet. But I am so I'll, I am sacred to make it worse and can't brave taking it. It converts the poisons from the candida die off, to an acid the body can get rid of. I don't know my body can with stand that acid change reaction or if I will go into a panic attack and put a whole mother major strain on my already shockingly weakened body. I've losts lots of weight and an worried. I've been to hospital and they ran lots of blood and urine tests and they said it all fine. I had a naturopath dr round yesterday for a home visit and he wants to give me a remedy for getting Mercury out of the body as he said it's the root cause and Im sure it is. But he didn't seem to know much about the die off poisons and how to combat this, despite me asking him to look into molybdenum. He said don't take anything while your bed ridden, let your body recover first and then take it in a couple of weeks. That's good advice. But at the same time I have seen so little improvement in my physical state. I'm wondering if the only thing that's going to shift this is taking the molybdenum. Has anyone got experience of being wiped out like this and taking molybdenum and not having a bad reaction but it strengthening them? I'm scared of any more reactions in the body. It's not like me to be like this, Im so a very self controlled person and not a wimp, I have 4 kids and was strong before this happened and now I can't water my plants. Please if you know about bad die off, and converting the aldehyde s to acid the body CAN get rid of, or you think this is not die off but something else. Please help me, I feel stuck for advice and alone on this long healing journey that my Docs clueless about. I'm also wondering if this is bordering on an Adrinal crisis or extreme Adrinal exhaustion? Yours sincerely Elaine Thackeray

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