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Re: Severe reaction to probiotic Candida die off and Chelated Molybdenum
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: Severe reaction to probiotic Candida die off and Chelated Molybdenum

Greetings Elaine!

Our thoughts are with you and you will get through this!

I agree with Joe, an Epsom Salt bath will draw out the toxins responsible for your symptoms, and the magnesium will have a soothing effect.

Another thing to help:
Have you tried coffee enemas to attempt a cleanse of the blood?

I believe if you do this right away you will experience some major relief in your symptoms. There are many forums dedicated to coffee enema procedures. How I do it:

If your bowels are not clean beforehand, you will need to do a quick Sea Salt /filtered water enema to get the immediate poo out. 1-2 quarts for 3 min or so should be sufficient.

1) Get 3 Tbsp (some people recommend starting with as little as 1 tsp just to make sure there is no negative reaction, but I don't know how much of a positive effect you would get from this amount) Organic Whole Medium Roast Beans (I grind them fresh at home prior to making an enema solution; if you don't have a grinder, Trader Joe's lets you open the can you buy and grind them at the store)

2) Boil 1 quart filtered/spring water-add coffee and boil for 2-5 min, stirring occasionally

3) Reduce heat and cover with tight lid, simmer for 15 min(Removes harmful oils contained in beans)

4) Remove from heat, strain into something that holds at least a quart of liquid. Some of the water evaporated during boiling, use this as an opportunity to add some cooler water so the enema may be taken comfortably (normally if you stick your finger in it and it feels slightly warm its good)

5) DO NOT ADD ANYTHING TO THE ENEMA, adding epsom or Sea Salt will not allow the coffee to be absorbed, hence the caffeine will not be able to cleanse the liver as it needs to.

6) Hang bag between 18-24" above the ground, lay on your RIGHT side and take the solution. You will get cramps if you aren't used to them, just try to focus on relaxing, breathing fast can help sometimes, and gently massage the area with the cramps. It is just gas buildup, it will pass.
Hold the solution for 12-15 minutes or as long as possible.

7) Drink a glass of water with 1/4 Tsp Sea Salt after to restore electrolytes lost during enema or you may get dehydrated, possibly making your symptoms worse.

8) If in 15 minutes after expelling you are still experiencing strong, negative symptoms, repeat the enema. Be advised there is the possibility of the caffeine causing some anxiety if you hold the solution in too long(most people new to CE's can't even hold them for 3-4 min, much less more than 15) However, the majority of people experience the opposite effect(myself included), which is an extreme sense of peace and relaxation that is brought about from the relief provided the liver by the coffee.

This WILL HELP YOU IMMEDIATELY but will not be a cureall for your condition, I don't believe. In the long run it will be a great addition to helping you to recover, but I'm sure other therapies will be needed as well. Best of luck and wishes and I pray you find an answer to this in the long term.


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