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DAY 10 - ALL DONE! Thoughts and Problems...
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Published: 17 years ago
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DAY 10 - ALL DONE! Thoughts and Problems...

Today is Day 10 of my Master Cleanse fast, and I must say that overall, I am pleased. I don't feel tremendously better or anything, but I did get some nasty stuff passed. Here's my analysis:

Age: 26
Height: 5'10"
Weight before/Weight now: 171/164
Body Type: Fit...though before the fast I was building up a little gut
Misc: Non-smoker, healthy eater, social drinker

Stuff That Came out of me:
-lots of lemon pulp
-lots of water
-some tiny solids now and then (probably been in my body for a long time)
-some nasty smelly fibrous blobs (days 8, 9, and 10)
-no "ropes" or mucoid plaque however

-always was in good spirits (for the most part)
-full of energy all 10 days
-sinuses totally cleared up - i usually have bad allergies and a constant congested nose. breathing free and clear since day 3
-lost my little gut
-good sense of my own willpower
-skin feels a bit softer
-my eyes are always red...they got a bit whiter
-someone commented my skin had a "glow" to it on day 9
-very calm and relaxed

-lots of cayenne + liquid poo = ass on fire
-sore throat from days 4-8
-1st and 2nd day I had an insatiable desire for pepperoni pizza (didn't cheat)
-mc fast dominated my thoughts all day, found it hard to concentrate on much cause i was constantly reading about the fast, etc.
-tongue is still a nasty white/yellow...though starting to fade. this is obviously the cause of fungus in the mouth caused by the Sugar in the maple syrup. i should have brushed my tongue more.
-skin seemed to be drier than usual, even though i drank a bunch of water
-I could easily continue the diet, but I miss food and going out drinking/eating with friends.

I would recommend The Master Cleanser to friends and strangers. It was a positive experience, though I didn't experience anything life-altering or any remarkable physical changes. I feel good, but no better than I did before the diet. I am happy, but again, same as I've always been.

I am very suspect of the tongue as a gauge for when the Master-Cleanse is over. I brushed my tongue thoroughly on Day 7 and it was nice and pink. Granted, today on day 10 it is nastier than ever (though showing signs of fading). I don't know. Maybe if I stay on the diet it will continue to turn pink. I'm not exactly interested in that, however. I hear that Sugar and also lack of protein can cause the same effect, so I'm just going to brush and gargle again and keep up my tongue maintenance. I plan to buy a big tub of plain organic yogurt and let the L. Acidophilus take care of fungal content for me.

I chatted with Dr. Elson Haas, a big proponent of the Master-Cleanse and a really nice guy. He has a pretty popular "healthy living" website. Google his name, you'll find it. Anyhow, he confirmed my theory that most likely, the "Liver Flush" is hocus pocus. He believes the "stones" are not gallstones, but coagulated cholesterol, bile, and the olive oil you just drank. Also, I've read about people passing "up to 3000 stones" and to me, that sounds ludicrous. 3000? Is your liver a gravel pit? I can't imagine a person living and breathing normally with that much detritus in their organs. Seems to me the stones must generate from somewhere else. Still, even Dr. Haas admits there is a cleansing effect to the Liver Flush. I don't know...I think I'm too young to worry about it. Not going to do the bizarre and nasty tasting Liver Flush at this point.

MC was a good experience. I'll probably do it again next year.


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