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Possible cure- 3 days in, seeing major improvment
Jason1122 Views: 1,155
Published: 7 years ago

Possible cure- 3 days in, seeing major improvment

Hi, i thought id make a post even though im not cured yet but i think im close. I was reading someones post that mentioned how he was cured with water, kept hydrating his lips to try and make them waterproof again and i was like yeh right, i shower and that doesnt work for me but i thought id try it my own way.

ec only effects my bottom lip btw.

So in my experience i would get dry hard skin that grows either on top of my lip, or in line with the actual skin like a scab if you get what i mean. better explanation would be if i was to peel it, it would feel like im peeling the skin on top to leave a natural lip below, as appose to the ec being part of the lip and if i peel it im gonna rip my whole lip off, i hope you get what i mean.

so i woke up and just peeled because i wanted to start again with my new method. i was going to drink about 5 litres of water a day, specifically when my lips were feeling dry and whenever i went to the toilet i would cup my hands with water and wet my lip for about 30 seconds. roughly every 30 mins

so at the end of the first day, the whole area of ec was a scab, not the one thats on top of my lip, the one thats actual lip skin as i mentioned earlier.

end of the 2nd day, some parts have dissapeared, im not sure if they peeled away but the scab is a tiny bit smaller and the skin it left, looks healthy

end of the 3rd day, about 25% has gone and the skin its left is just like normal skin. its not hard, it looks exacly the same to where ec doesnt effect me.

now its the 4th day, i just woke up and it looks pretty good. before my lip would peel 1-2 days but hasnt peeled since i started. i dont want to hold my breath but this could be it. The scabs are pretty noticable so im sleeping during the day so nobody sees me lol. i have enough food to last another 4 days max so if i have to go to the shops idk because its embarassing.

Anyway its worth a try, its only water and its free. if this does in fact cure me ill probably make another post, even if it doesnt, its gotten me very close and im very glad i tried it. good luck


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