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Re: High fat diet before the flush?
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: High fat diet before the flush?

Thank you WhoAreYouNormally.

I wish I could tell you which blood type I have. I contacted my doctor and was told even with all the blood tests etc Iv taken, they didn't check!

Regarding "re-acidify the stomach" I drink a few cups of coffee every morning but not more. I also take ACV daily via olive oil/ACV dressing for my salads. I put Sea Salt s on almost everything and a few lemons and grapefruits squeezed into water a week. Iv eaten old-fashioned oatmeal/milk every morning for years, cooked with a sliced apple and berries. Then lately, I have a spinach broccoli tomato's carrots and beets salad on week days with olive oil/ACV dressing. Iv been eating some cheese/turkey omelets for dinner lately, but some days, I might not even eat dinner. I'm single in a 5 bedroom house my family trashed, and its difficult finding time for everything while doing repairs.

I have no problem eating different things. I had a big steak last week. But have noticed more discomfort if and when I do eat some crappy sweets. But Iv recently cut most of the snacks and sweets out also. My poop doesn't float and looks healthy. I have noticed that I have very little pain in the morning when I wake. But it starts up after my morning coffee and oatmeal.

Your right. Iv cut out all of my bad habits except E-cigs. But E-cigs have really helped me quite the real cigs. It's the oral fixation (hand to mouth and inhale) even on ZERO nicotine that's the most difficult for me to quit. But even after quitting most everything I still have pressure right at the rib cage when sitting. I'm starting another water-fast today and plan more liver flush's because I think my pain and pressure is caused by a congested liver or Gallstones caused by years of drinking rum shots. But I have NO idea. Today the pressure is on the left side, when yesterday it was right side..

H. Pylori? Wouldn't my blood tests and upper and lower (hopefully in that order) endoscopy show that? But I can get either mastic gum or manuka honey if you recommend it.

My Iron was fine. And my Hemolytic anemia has resolved, but my slightly low platelet count has not, as of last year when I had insurance. I will know more the first of the year.

Frankly, the only time I have bad bad pain, is when I'm really stressed out. Like a few weeks ago when my smoker/drinker girlfriend argued about how Liver Flushing and all the holistic things I do like Water Fasts etc arent proven to help. I got really mad and broke up with her and my gut hurt like hell. Or when we were in the Rockies camping/motorcycling and having fun (including a few drinks and legal smoke in the evening) I felt great sitting creek side. But as soon as we hooked the toyhauler back onto the tow vehicle I built, and headed back down I-70 to Denver.. My stress and pain started back up!
By the time I got back home and discovered my fridge had quit working, my son forgot to turn on the AC, and my girlfriend left without helping me unpack or clean after I paid for everything. I was pissed off and back to where I started from regarding pain.
Iv had some rough years where some old friends have asked me, "what happened to you?"
I ended up in the military after high school when my best friend sent a undercover cop to my house, losing my high school sweetheart during the process. The next girl friend railroaded me with our first child and undermined my authority for the next 20 years after I stepped up to the plate and married her. It cost me 1/4 Mil to divorce her and it was ugly. My children disowned me. I hate the job I had to take to support them while she stayed at home! Iv been suffering from insomnia lately also.

I'm definitely depressed. So maybe it's stress?



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