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Have you realize, the panic attack treatment already in our kitchen ?
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Published: 7 years ago

Have you realize, the panic attack treatment already in our kitchen ?

a few days ago, I browsed about natural treatment for anxiety. And I was surprising about the list of the natural treatment. I realize all of them already on my kitchen, This is the list :


In fact, take a look at these 15 panic attack natural treatment. I’m sure you have at at least something from this list in your kitchen.


Imbalance between zinc and copper inside your body causes anxiety and fatigue, which can trigger panic attack. These two minerals work together inside your body. Sometimes they work together, sometimes they work against each other, but both processes are essential. That’s why, the amount of both minerals should always in balance.

Copper is present in most food, while zinc isn’t. When you lack zinc, there will be excess copper in your body that can be toxic. Oyster is rich in zinc, so consuming it can help you balance the copper in your digestive system


This popular thanksgiving meal is known to make the eater feel sleepy after. It does make you sleepy, but in a good way. Eating turkey makes you relaxed and calmed down. These two feeling will help you get better sleep, especially when you often get panic attack when you’re sleeping or nocturnal panic attack.

The sleepiness is caused by trytophan, a kind of amino acid in your body. Trytophan is necessary for brain to produce serotonine. Serotonine is a hormone that is known to make you feel happy. So, eating turkey increases trytophan, which in turn will increases serotonin.


This native South East Asian plant is avaiable in your nearest minimarket. If you like Indian cuisine, chances are you use this yellow powder often and stock it in your kitchen. The magic ingredient in turmeric is curcumin.

Curcuminoids is widely known as antioxidant and antiinflamatory. During period of stress, human brain is vulnerable to reactive oxygen, which can damage brain cells and trigger panic attack. Consuming curcuminoids will sweep the reactive oxygen away, and then help to regrow those cells.


This fruit is featured a lot in social media because of its pretty appearance once combined with other food. But, avocado isn’t only useful to increase the aesthetic of social media. Avocado can actually improve brain health and prevent panic attack.

It contains monounsaturarted fatsthat’s good for brain health. It also has potassium, which can lower blood pressure. Avocado is also rich in B vitamin. B vitamin in responsible to release neurotransmitters such as serotonine and dopamine – both are famous as “happy hormones”.

For the next list, you can visit here(The Source)



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