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My story Live Life to the Fullest with Social Anxiety
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Published: 7 years ago

My story Live Life to the Fullest with Social Anxiety

 When I step out of the house, I feel like every single eye in the street is looking at me; scrutinizing to find a flaw they can laugh at. When I see familiar people on the street, I flee and find the nearest available cover from their sight; hoping everybody won’t see me. 

Party invitation? 
No, thank you. The only party I’ll attend is pajama party; with only my pajama, in my room.
Now I'm practicing 10 things of my life that change me, It's look simple but try to practice, and looks the benefits of this things :
sorry i can't give 10 things in here, if you want to read full version please go to the source. Thanks :)
1. It’s okay to feel anxious

Anxiety is a totally normal feeling. Everybody has something that makes them anxious. Some people get anxious over their academic performance, others over going into unfamiliar places. You just happen to be anxious when you meet people.
So, you are not weird, because every single people have an anxiety. Once you accept this, a part of you will find more confidence when meeting new people.
But if you refuse to believe this, your anxiety will double. First, you’re anxious when you meet people. Second, you’re anxious of your anxiety over meeting people. Anxiousception! Having social anxiety is okay, but having anxiousception is not.
2. Be comfortable with discomfort

What is one word to describe social interaction? It’s discomfort.
When people talk to you, you feel uncertain of their motives. When you hold conversation, you don’t know what to say that won’t embarrass yourself. When conversation stops, you feel so awkward but too afraid to start again. You’re afraid people will laugh at you, judge you, or pity you. It is uncomfortable and you wish you’d never experience such feeling again!
Unfortunately, people are unavoidable in this life. You will need them and they will need you.  They’ll be your teachers, friends, rivals, or lovers. So, from now on, take comfort from that fact. Why run away from something that you need? You experience discomfort all the time, you shouldn’t avoid this one.
3. It’s not anxiety, it’s excitement

When you step into social situation – like the party, the classroom, or the company gathering – you usually start to show some physical sign of anxiety like heart beating too fast, palms getting sweaty, and blood rushing to head. You also feel emotional sign of anxiety like your heart is almost bursting and your mind is looking for the fastest route to escape.
From now on, think like this: those are the signs of excitement; those are not the signs of anxiety. Labeling those as excitement gives you a new perspective. That perspective will help you to be excited instead of anxious.
4. Focus on your business instead of your surrounding

Whenever you start feeling anxious in social situation, remember your business.
You are not there to gain other people’s approval or make them happy. You are here to finish your business. When you are in classroom, your business is to study. When you’re in a party, your business is to have fun. Focus on those, instead of thinking about what other people think of you.
Think about how to deliver the best presentation in class or what drink you should grab in a party instead of the meaning of people’s glances; you’ll be too distracted to feel anxious.
Here the source of full version 

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