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On Lyme's, Babesia, Artemisia, and the key - Porphyria

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Published: 6 years ago

On Lyme's, Babesia, Artemisia, and the key - Porphyria

On Lyme’s, Babesia, Artemisia, and the key—Porphyria

Leading health educator and author, Dr. Steven Rochlitz has recently released two crucial enewsletters to his readers that should be read by all.
So I am passing some of this on here.

A former physics professor, Dr. Rochlitz uncovers what’s really going on often with chronic illnesses. He’s helped many with “chronic Lyme’s Disease” to finally get well. He says that many with Lyme’s are told that they have “Babesia coinfection” and “need” to take Artemisia/wormwood herb or compounds derived from it. Dr. Rochlitz says this is the worst thing many people could do as this herb induces chronic porphyria, which he has stated is a common, NOT rare disease.

Many times Dr Rochlitz says that when someone gets very sick while taking Artemisia or its derivatives, they are told, “that’s the die-off effect and that’s great.” In reality it often is allergic or porphyric reaction to that herb—or other herbs or drugs. Because people don’t listen to their own bodies, many become very porphyric, but again may wrongly be told again “that’s chronic Lyme’s and it’s incurable.” All that may be “incorrect” to say the least.

So it is actually chronic porphyria, in addition to, or instead of, Lyme’s that many people are suffering from.

If you became “permanently” very ill after Lyme’s, Candida, parasite, or viral infection, and/or after taking herbs or drugs, sometimes for years, allegedly to combat those germs, Dr Rochlitz says that most likely chronic porphyria has been induced. Other hallmarks are that many supplements “don’t work”, and just make you worse, and you may have poor tolerance for caffeine and/or alcohol. Likewise if you react to many foods or environmental chemicals [fragrances make you ill or “smell strong.”], porphyria is likely the cause.

Dr Rochlitz just announced his 2017 retirement. To celebrate he’s offering $15 off his book, Porphyria: It’s The Ultimate Cause, book for the rest of September. He said we can pass this on. You have to use the password to get the $15 refunded. It is “Happy2017retirement”. See the book at his wellatlast dot com site or

I should disclose that I’ve bought all his books and finally got well after suffering for 30+ years with fatigue, pain, hypoglycemia symptoms, MCS, and supplements only made me worse. I am not paid or anything to do this. But I found his books made my library of about 100 health books obsolete to say the least. Finally someone has revealed what’s going on and how to avoid getting worse and many ways to quickly start getting better.

I’d jump at the chance to get nearly 40% off his greatest book right now. Porphyria is only about a third of this book. You can learn about mast cell disease, pyroluria, the Cytochrome P450 enzymes that he says are part of most chronic, inflammatory or allergy-like illnesses, the “hole in the heart” that 1/3 of us have, vagus nerve imbalance and other things.

I saw on his testimonials page that the Chief Justice of the Nevada supreme court called his Porphyria book, a “trailblazing masterpiece.”

At his website wellatlast dot com there’s a link to a recent, free lecture/interview with British nutritionist Deborah Walker. I’d check it out asap, if you’ve been told that you have chronic Lyme’s, Babesia, Candida, parasitosis, viral disorder, non-AIDS weak immune system, or have gotten permanently sick from mold, mercury, pesticide, drugs, herbs. Chronic porphyria may be what is really going on. And you can get well as I finally did. I hope you don’t have to wait till you’re in your 60’s as I did!

I hope this will help some of you to get well now.


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