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im healing from exfoliate chelitis, with pics throughjouerny
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Published: 7 years ago

im healing from exfoliate chelitis, with pics throughjouerny

from april to june in 2015 i took isotretononin to get rid of my acne. during this era, my lips were really really dry and some swollenÖstill my skin on lips werenít flakingÖand so the last date of june i stopped this treatmentÖthree weeks later my lips were back to normal. I had normal lips throughout the whole summer. In novemeber I started to notice that my lips were really dry, I bough chapstick from the pharmacy that I always use when my lips were dry (and they always used to help) somewhat they didnít work. Novemeber, December to mars were really cold (Swedish winter lol) and my lips were really dry, theyíve never been this dry in my whole life. They looked like picture 1.


I remember the 18íth December I both a new lipstick, and lippen that I thought Iíll use to this Christmas party my school arranged. And so I did. I used a ton of it, like A LOT. Next morning when I woke up I thought what the hell why are my lips flaking (they were really dry), and I pulled the skin off and went one with my day. Two weeks later, it was my cousins birthday and I stupidly used the lipstick I used before. Also I noticed like the skin on half of my bottom lip, were raw (you know without those vertical lines) still I didnít think about it and applied lipstick on my lips. Two weeks later, in the beginning of January after I have eaten I rinsed my mouth and my whole bottom lips flaked.They looked like picture 2.

I didnít know what to do so in I peeled the skin off (it was already loose). The doctor gave me locobase to use, didnít work so I used olive oil. At first it didnít work but then later the olive oil worked, and my lips went back to normal. The 29th January I travelled to Kenya, since the weather here was nice and warm my lips were okey, but still here they were peeling and I couldnít stand it so I constantly ripped the skin off. I did this during the two weeks in Kenya. When I came back to Sweden, within 2 days my lips went EXTREMELY DRY. The skin was really hard, and cracked as soon as I smiled, ate or talked. I licked them constantly, made them worse, used olive oil, coco butter, almond oil, shea butter nothing worked. They looked like picture 3 & 4.

It was in february my lips started to get white lines, and peel whenever i drank or flewid touched my lips. I didnt care for this and still continued to peel. Whenever the skin were loose i forced peel the skin, which meant that normal,good skin were coming off to. I think this is mostly seen on my top lip (it used to be darkish) but the forced peel skin, is now pink. I went on peeling my lips for months, without noticing that it made my lips worse. So this is how my lips looked after I peeled them, ate, drank and did whatever I wanted with them. they looked like picture 5.

As you can see in picture 5 the skin is pink compared to the rest of my UPPER lip. My lips werereally raw and burning.This was during april (2016). I Went to the doctor he said I had staph bacteria and gave me aībacteria ointment, which made it even worse. My lips looked like picture 6.

After I graduated high school this summer, after our school pary my lips were really messed. I travelled to spain in junde, where I again forcedly peeled the skin on my lips of. I know it was a bad choiced but I wanted to look normal for once. When I came back home thatís when I really began my treatment of not touching or peeling. During junde and july my lips looked like picture 7,8 & 9.

the dermatologist gave me to ronds of oral antibiotic, didnít help. In augusti they gave me a steroid to use for 2 weeks. At fist it did help, the inflammation on lips went down a little bit, but then it didnít help at all. In late august I decided to use Daniel miller method. Leave lips alone with only aquaphor. And I decided to let my lips breathe, I figured I put to much lipbalm as you can see on pic 10.

so I changed to aquaphor, and decided to put it on my lips ONLY WHEN THEY WERE DRY. Also somehtin that really helped me I think was that started to put water on my lips two times per day. I would fill my palm with water and dap my lips in it. Since then my lips have improved rapidly. Now my lips feel more elastic, before they felt swollen it feelt like my lips were filled with something and I had trouble moving them, now they feel much better, I can smile without the skin cracking, i can smile without pain, the swelling have went down, the peeling is less, and I can see escpecially on my under lip that new, normal, smooth skin is appearing under the peeling. My lips are getting better everyday. It will probably take some months before I am completely healed, but I really think I am healing. Now my lips look like picture 11,12, AND 13.

The dark part of my upper lip was never affected by EC.
My lips may look swollen, but they are naturally big.some parts of my lips though still get inflamed whenever skin gets peelod off, but recover withing three days. I know im not fully cured but I know im close.I cant remember when Iíve ever been this happy. I recently started university and interact with everyone, im more positive, I smile oftenÖim just SO DARN HAPPY. if you have any questions just comment.

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