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Re: Serious gut problems, fatigue and illness at 22. Need advice?
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: Serious gut problems, fatigue and illness at 22. Need advice?


I know you posted this awhile ago, but I was going back through my profile and saw a post of yours i had responded to at one point.

Honestly you sound like me in many ways. I have been sick since I was 18, and I am 34 now.

I was told I had chronic fatiuge, then fibromyaglia, then it was all in my head. Obviously psychiatric problems.

I developed a lot of neurological issues and had a lyme test, one was negative, one was positive. We decided to treat for the lyme. I am happy to report that my neurological issues are gone, but not others.

I was on IV Antibiotics for 3 months, rocephin and flagyl. Before that zithromax and ceftin orally.

I would recommend finding a good integrative physician. I I hadn't, I would never have known that my anemia was due to babesiosis. I was negative for babesia microti the most commone one, but positive for babesia duncanni (labcorp tests for this, it's called WA-1).

I also found out that I had a ameoba in my intestines, and whipworm. The GI doc told me my muscusy stools and constipation was just IBS. I had a chronic whipworm infection and had no idea, because my stool tests were negative.

I ended up going to see Dr Cahill in NyC, he goes 14 inches up into your colon and takes a scraping off the music layer and looks at it under the microscope. Very thourough. The test cost $500 without insurance, but I can poop for the first time in years without stool softeners so it was worth every penny.

I also had my house teated for mold and found elevated levels. We had to remediate our attic as i am highly alleric and this can cause systemic inflammation..which can manifest itself as allergies, gut issues, depression, etc. I highly recommend making sure your living area is not contaminated because it will make treating anything else difficult if you are sensitive like me.

I also just did a heavy metal test, you take a pill the night before than pee in a cup first thing in the morning. My blood test for heavy metals were negative so I wanted a more comprehensive test.

Other things to look for are lyme, babesia, bartonella.

I was tested for the mTHFR gene, and found I am my enzyme activity is only 50%, so now i take b vitamins like methyl folate and P-5-P.

I too tried gluten free diets without success. I have eliminated dairy in a last ditch effort to get rid of my ance. I have had Acne steadily since high school, it goes away if i am on birth control or Antibiotics , comes back with a vengeance if i am not. My last resort is accutane for a third time.

The gut issues really bother me, I take probiotics, digestive enymes (pancreatin and ox bile). Lots of fatty acids.

I don't know, I was extremely shy growing up and have anxiety issues, sometimes i wonder if i take it out on my gut.

I am doing accupuncture now to see if it helps. Mindfulness therapy.

Sometimes i wonder if my chronic problems are from unknown gut a enterovirus that no one knows about yet. I am tired of feeling sick but i don't know how to fix it.

I can only suggest finding a good doctor who will help you peel layers of the onion back, corrected things as you go along. The worst part is, a good doctor is expensive. I travel 5 hours to see mine.

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