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Re: Please help me with my acne :)
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: Please help me with my acne :)

Hey, I'm NOT a doctor nor a dermatologist nor some health food nut, so, I can't and won't tell you what to use, or not to use, but, maybe my past experience can help YOU as it did for me!

From ages 10 to around 14 or 15 I had the absolute WORST facial Acne and already felt really shiiii-tty about that enough already, than along with the nasty things other kids, and yeah, even some immature adults would say to me each and every single rotten day, and the rejections I would get from selfish shallow bitches-(who missed out on one great guy)-, I just couldn't take no more and decided I had to do something!

Here's how I got rid of Acne, and this I can tell you worked for ME!

I really hated how I looked, but, I couldn't afford any expensive meds. or concoctions sold in stores, so what I did was sorta pretty simple and affordable.

First, I used common sense and cut out ALL pimple causing foods to start!

I quit eating and drinking any and all sweets, especially chocolates, also cut out all dairy (milk/cheese/butter/margarine/mayo/ice cream/etc.) and every fried greasy foods imaginable and any foods and drinks high in acid were also out, I also stopped red meat and Pizza, and no soda.

Trust me, It wasn't an easy task living in a Sicilian household where everyone was always cooking or baking up something that looked and smelled great!

I would also wash my face good, hard and long with Caress brand bar soap and very hot water every 4 hours or so and would then use 70% or 80% Isoprophyl rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball and would scrub hard to really clean out my pores and then I would break open a 500mg vitamin E pill and smear it on my entire face and would let it dry.

I would also take a daily creatine supplement since I was not eating any meat and would ingest 1000mg vit.E daily.

I had also hooked up with a really hot Senior chick-(who luckily for ME was a real nympho)-around the end of my Freshman year of H.S., at the time I had mentioned how much I hated having Acne and how embarrassed I was due to it, she said that she once read in a magazine that "oral sex helps get rid of Acne thanks to urea, protein and other stuff in the fluids" and she wanted to try it with me anyway.
So, naturally, we sorta did the good ol' 69 a few times daily and I would also have her pee right on my face in the shower daily too!
(Not really sure how much any of THAT helped my Acne vanish though, but it sure was fun "experimenting"! lol)

I have read over the years that urea (pee) can help clear up skin and that sperm is also real good for skin,, and also many, if not all of the half decent anti-acne products that are on the market DO contain some form of urea (read their ingredient labels, it's always in there)

So, if you have a significant other, or even a close, close friend who can, or would be willing to help you, and I am being very serious here, why not have them pee and/or bust a load on your face, or squirt into a cup or jar and apply a couple times a day, do it in a shower of course, less mess to clean up that way!

Your not only doing your skin a favor, but you'll be getting some form of exercise and you will also be having some fun while your at it too!

BTW, I'd be glad to "donate" to your cause if you really need a "supplier"!

And what I can tell you is that within only 4 or 5 months the Acne I had was completely GONE and by my 16th birthday a few months later, I had the nicest, clearest, smoothest skin in class and my hair was as smooth as silk too.

I'm 48 now, my hair is still silky smooth, shiny and soft and I am completely wrinkle free and get compliments on how young I look all the time!

Hope any of that helps you out!

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