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Re: Ultrasound/Sonograph after 30 day fast.
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: Ultrasound/Sonograph after 30 day fast.

Firstly, I am not a believer in fasting. I do not think it solves anything except for destroying muscle which leads to later weight gain as muscle is a major burner of calories in the body. Think about the number of calories that a body builder has to eat each day compared to a more normal average human.

What I recommend you look at is iridology. It is likely to show what is really causing the cyst and how to tackle it in a more effective way.

If you have a magnifying glass of x3, possibly x5 but at that magnification the lens will be right up against the eye and much more difficult to see. I can just about focus using a x5 lens.

Place the lens on a mirror and look at your irises. The ovaries are affected by the ascending (right ovary) and descending (left ovary) colons. You might have impactions in the colon which are affecting healing. This could be caused by nerve rings in your colon which reduces the nerve impulses to the colon and tend to cause constipation in some people. Water signs tend to be most affected by this when they suppress sadness ie fear of crying (right side) and fear of feeling sadness (left side). Such people show a ring actually inside the colon. You should be able to see rings that go around the iris all around in different places. It's when they appear inside the colon that big problems can be caused.

If there are impactions in the colon in the area relating to the ovaries then that will need to be dealt with if you want to fix the cysts. You might need to eliminate the nerve rings to aid this. Herbalife's Aloe drink is one of the best things to do this. I came across this many years ago and had good results with it. They have changed the formulation on a few occasions, it did have Aloe vera juice, Alfalfa extract, lemon and the most important thing German Chamomile [GC] essential oil. It became less effective with each reformulation. At one time it gave great energy, a redder tongue virtually eliminating tongue coating and skin soft and functioning extremely well which is all a sign of good energy circulation within the body. Later formulations did not have the effect on the skin or improvements in energy. It's expensive stuff so I would not pay for it any longer and decided to make my own from the raw ingredients which is much less expensive. Some Aloe Vera juice, and organic GC essential oil. I was using alfalfa extract at one time but stopped that as it is very yin in nature which I really do not need. Alfalfa does help improve the relaxation effect.

The GC relaxes the nerve rings in the liver and they slowly relax and widen. This increases the heat within the liver, liver activity and cortisol levels. Aloe vera is cold in energy and works on the liver, lowering heat and cortisol. A balance needs to be found. Red eyes indicate liver fire so more Aloe is needed.

BTW GC essential oil is extremely strong! Never use it neat!!!!! I use a 20ml dropper bottle, add 1 drop of GC eo into 10ml of water and shake vigorously and then use one drop of that with Aloe. It's quite relaxing and can improve the mood.

Monitoring the tongue can be a good guide too. After taking this the tongue coating can reduce which indicates a stimulating effect on the body. A thick tongue coating indicates low energy/exhaustion whereas little to no tongue coating indicates high stimulation and high energy levels. This usually changes throughout the day. Resting tends to relax the nerve rings, restoring the energy, raising yang. Magnesium helps in this. Excess yin, which is present in many illnesses leads to tiredness. A thick tongue coating, ie excessive yin, parasympathetic dominance, tiredness. High yang, little tongue coating, sympathetic nervous system dominance, high stimulation and high energy.

It's all about balance. This should make it much clearer as to why you have a cyst and what needs to be done to eliminate it. Far better than starving yourself IMO. BTW Aloe vera can help heal when the digestive system is clear. Darker grey markings might be present in the ovaries and the nerve rings tend to prevent the healing. Aloe vera can heal this. Cortisol drives the nervous system, it's like fuel to the nervous system, whereas the nerve rings are like resistance, they increase with age. Things like Turmeric and licorice affect cortisol and could help drive healing past the nerve rings, especially with larger/stronger aloe vera. Be aware that it could promote/stimulate anger. Aloe vera is very cold in energy and could have negative effects in high doses, especially if combined with Turmeric (extract perhaps) and licorice. That is just a warning because it can have a very negative effect in high doses. Therefore be aware of that!

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