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I desperately need help- flukes all in my head and body
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Published: 7 years ago

I desperately need help- flukes all in my head and body

I am living in pure Hell. A year ago, I noticed what I thought were worms in my nose. Doctors laughed at me. They did give me a script for Albendazole, at my insistance, but the cheapest I could find it for was about $800. I took some veterinarian anti-parasitics with some success. Then, my insistance on getting medical help had them put me in a crisis center. At that point I started telling them what they wanted to hear and actually convinced myself it must have beenn in my head. That was last summer. Things seem to be ok until July of this year, when I saw them again. My mom was in hospice and subsequently died and I tried my best to ignore them as long as I could. Then I made a trip to the ER, not telling them what I thought it was. An MRI showed nothing and I was given Antibiotics and referred to an ENT. Once he found out I smoked, he barely looked at me and told me that is what the brown on the inside of my nose was from and if I took the Antibiotics he gave me and quit smoking, I would be fine. I made one more desperate attempt at the ER when one fell across my airway. Since I already couldn't breath through my nose, this made it impossible to breath at all. The fluke (I am almost positive) moved and I was able to breath and the ER told me it wasn't their job to determine if I had worms in my nose, they wouldn't kill me.
Where I'm at now: I ordered a Para Cleanse along with a liquid from Dr. Clark that was recommended by someone from a blog similar to this. I have seen mass amounts coming out in my stool. I have also manually killed a bunch in my nose - some of them huge! But,no matter how many I kill, there are always more. They were atleast three layers deep in the outer walls of my sinus and that many or more in the top ridge of my nose. They go through the cartiledge in the center of my nose and also through a muscle or nerve that leads up to my left eye. They are going through it in several places. I have been able to cut them away in some, but cannot get to them all. This is incredibly painful and makes my left eye basically useless. It is also always full of their eggs, waste or something. Another problem is when I kill them, they come out as bloody tissue, but they leave behind this hard skin. And that skin is connected all throughout my sinus cavities and through the muscles, as though it is all one big fluke. Another thing that I've not seen mentioned in all the reading I've done is what seems to be a defense mechanism they have. When I start poking and cutting them, they harden up and little bumps come up and push against whatever they are near. It is at times unbearably painful, depending on where they are. This dead skin has now accumulated in my nose until yesterday a sinus rinse wouldn't even go through my right side. Every time I think I have it cut loose so I can attempt to pull it out, I find another place where it is conneced to a live part. I would then have to kill that part and remove it and hope it's not connected to yet another. Besides in my nose and face and eyes, I have seen these in my ears, I cough them, in some larvae form out of my lungs, they are in my cheeks and tongue, the lymph nodes under my arms and at my pelvis, in my legs, knees particularly painful, my ankles and feet. I am scared to death they are going to kill me and feel this is too much for me to be attempting at home, but I have no other choice. I have read a lot of your forums and, with the brain fog I already have, I am completely overwhelmed. I will do anything I can to get rid of this problem, but I just can't afford to go out and buy hundreds of herbs, supplements and medicines. I desperately need help and any advice or guidance or even a straght forward attack plan would be greatly appreciated. I am trying not to lose my job through all this, but I can't go to work as sick as I am. I have no energy and if I do, it takes all of it just to breath. My head hurts from my nose to behind my eye and beyond where it is through that muscle and my morale has dropped to near zero. I am truly starting to feel hopeless. Even if I manage to kill all of these, how will I ever get it all out? Someone, please help me.

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