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Re: Easy way to clean Silver Bar
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: Easy way to clean Silver Bar

RE: Using electrolyte (non-toxic sodium carbonate and distilled water stops the silver plating to the cathode. 
I'd like to touch on some points in your comment as it appears to confound the quality of a CS solution with processing methods. Though before I begin, I'd like to point out that while it is true that electrolyte will alter the plating characteristics in an electrolytic cell, that the cathode will plate nonetheless. Which you yourself can verify by using a copper cathode and observing the changes that take place throughout processing. 

Beyond this I'd add that it has been my observation that the use and admission of additives in the productions of Colloidal Silver has proven to be less than substantial on numerous fronts. The first being that the reduction process does not live up-to the claim, in that if we subject the solution to the table salt test, it will precipitate in the very same way that the none reduced solutions will. To which I'd, add the author and maker of the Silvertron claimed would not be the case in one of his blog entries. 

In continuing, if we subject the same chemically reduced solution to HCl, the disassociation times differentiating both solutions will be mere seconds. Though above all, both solution will disassociate nonetheless. 

Therefore and with that being said, the question of what advantages come from the admissions of additives in the production of Colloidal Silver comes up. ie, if we conclude that the reactive properties of Colloidal Silver are due in part with the ionic interchange of the cell, then the question as to what rational we'd apply to justify the reduction of the ionic properties of a particular solution comes up. 

Taking things further, if we conclude that the use and admission of a Colloidal Silver solution is most effective when taken transdermaly, then why take measures to move the composition further from this domain?

My take on this is that the maker of the Silvertron generator did what many people have done in this business in that he devised an idea that he believed would help overcome some of the known issues associated with the use of Colloidal Silver in humans. However, I'd also add, that while his intentions were likely genuine, that the fact remains that he has not published any research of data to justify his beliefs. 

And so with all that being said, the question as to what a good Colloidal Silver solution is, comes to mind. 
Is it one that takes part in a process requiring additives and spontaneous color changes? Or that of reduced cathode plating? 
Fortunately, I believe the proof is much simpler than some would have us believe. IOW. the inherent quality of a Colloidal Silver solution is determined by its effectiveness. And while there have been numerous tests and experiments carried out on the internet over the years, it seems that the best evidence remains that of the the testimonials from those using it. :)

Hope this helps. 


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