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Re: Newport
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: Newport

That is either a total projection, or somebody tampered with my post and changed what I said, or I have multiple personality disorder and one personality doesn't remember what the other one does.

I think you are presuming that I love sex because I have been destitute enough in the past and worried so much about where I am going to get the money to pay rent, and the fear of getting evicted has driven me to do whatever is necessary to make some money. But I have never once ever enjoyed getting f***ed by anybody.

Getting f***ed hurts. It makes my vagina raw. It makes my eurethra burn when I pee the next day. It makes me despise the men who want to do it and can do it. And I can't help thinking you are pretty sick person for wanting to embarrass and humiliate someone like me in such a manner if that is your intention.

I have had two college professors offer me good grades in exchange for sex and I accepted neither offer. I have been sexually harassed at five jobs and quit them all. It is completely beyond my comprehension how you or any other man can imagine that women are anything but repulsed and disgusted by the notion of having sex because genital seepage stinks something awful and having sex leaves a huge mess to clean up.

If we women put a condom on you guys to protect ourselves from catching an infection from you that will turn our pussy juice green and make it smell like a ten year old dead shrimp, the condom will rub a blister on the labia and make scabs. Dry Dry Dry Dry. Can you say dry? There is absolutely nothing about getting f***ed to make a woman juicy except coconut oil and astro glide and the latter causes yeast infections. The former merely reduces the stretch to a pinching sensation upon penetration instead of feeling like you are being torn open. Sex ALWAYS hurts, one way or another.

There is about a 1 in 100 chance that the physical act will feel good. But If the physical act is enjoyable, then you have to deal with the emotional pain of getting dumped when some other woman refuses to have sex without a monogamous commitment. And if you require a monogamous commitment, he feels entitled to have sex with you any time he wants it whether you are in the mood or not because he sacrificed his opportunities to be with anybody else for you. So commitments come with a duty and responsibility that make sex suck, literally. Can you say dry dry dry as a bone and lousy painful pinching sensation when it goes in?

Honestly, I have only met two men in the last 20 years who even turn me on. But neither one of them were available to have a relationship. And the thought of having sex with someone who doesn't turn me on is just about as appealing as drinking piss through a hose. But if I have to choose between sleeping next to a dumpster and drinking some piss every once in a while, I have been able to pretend it is lemon Kool Aid and keep a roof over my head in the past.

So I don't know where you get off saying that I like to have my pussy f***ed. That has never been true, not even in a parallel dimension or a past or a future life. The thought of it is repulsive and disgusting. You are hallucinating and wishful thinking and projecting and fantasizing about something that only a man can fathom from the depths of the demons of lust that infect him. Get real. The thought of it is ridiculous. It is impossible.

I also think poverty bespeaks of the extent that patriarchal society will go to make sure there are willing "wanton" women available to service the world of men. He who has the gold makes the rules. Look what they did to Martha Stewart, too. You probably think she loved having her pussy f***ed, but I daresay she would have been less of a target if she could have pretended to like sex. The fact that so many men would rather project their own lust and coerce women into having sex by saying "you know you want it too" when women do NOT want it, or exercise a sense of entitlement because they think they have a right to sex for getting married, or otherwise bull doze their way into getting laid, rather than have enough patience to really turn a woman on tells me that most men have no hope of ever doing so.

And your assertion is a prime example of why not. It is beyond absurd. It is ridiculous. It is an idiotic notion. And it is a crying shame that men are not sensitive enough to tell the difference between a woman who is acting from the dire need of self preservation and one who is truly turned on. But I guess it is because so very few men have ever seen a woman really turned on. Maybe that is why men will pay women to make them believe what they want to believe. Men will pay money to preserve the fantasy that there are women who really like what they are doing. It is pitiful.

How do men convince themselves that some women are nymphomaniacs who love sex with strangers, simply because they are willing to pretend they like sex in order to buy food for themselves and their children? Perhaps you wish you had a pussy and you imagine that you would love to have it f***ed. If so, don't project the absurdity on me. Do you resent not being able to have your pussy f***ed because you don't have one?

Are you so pitifully unattractive and sexually deprived due to your deep state of internal shame that the best you can do is fantasize about sex and resentfully wishful think it upon women you can only imagine have the capacity to enjoy it? What a sickening fallacious scurge on humanity! Men are walking around in a state of sexual hunger scratching their heads longing for something they know exists, and wondering where and why it went missing, when the inspiration you crave can never will never happen because the patriarchal society insists on deprivation torturing people into pretending they like sex. How repugnant and disgusting that in order to survive, and avoid an even worse fate, women are getting paid to lie to men. How insidious that men will even try to drive them out of business if they insist on being honest.

What's missing is inspired sexual desire that springs and is offered from a heart of loving enthusiasm. Men are craving it and women are longing for it as humanity moves farther and farther away from ever attaining it, because the big black sucking A hole that wants to believe women love to have their pussies f***ed will not give up the fantasy and be real.

Life is a sick f***ing joke, literally. And people who think women love to have their pussies f***ed are the clowns in the show.

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