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Re: Black Hyphal Filament Rope Parasite
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: Black Hyphal Filament Rope Parasite

OMG! U just described what I have going on with me! About 2 yrs ago my hair, which is fair, fine, straight and limp, began developing what I thought was "body". I looked great every day, even had beautiful waves, only had to wash my hair 2x week. But I began to notice short black hairs also. I'd been taking a sea veggie supp. Sev.months later I had a really stressful trip home (I have HHV-6, EBV, CFIDS,etc)& WHAM! I broke out w/p[en sores on my forehead that secreted this thick sticky wax.I developed strange sores on back of head with something that looked like a sspiral hair in it;the sores quickly became covered with hair I soon had to cut. By that time the back of my hair and rt side turned ALL black and fell out in handfuls.It had little nodes on it & in these witchy snarls.But I first saw those tiny black fuzz balls--and have seen them spin into threads; they are in & around our bathroom.I noticed a vent with them & eventually ws replaced & don't see them much anymore. Since we had cleaned that vent they mostly went away & I've felt better. But back to hair on my head---Eventually my ears face and body became infected by soethiing that left huge open lesions and thick biofilm from hell all over me. It spread into my eyes and attacked my corneas. The infrared sauna got rid of the external lesions but they are now in my mouth:tongue,teeth and gums, now rotting my teeth! My face looks 20 yrs older than it did 1.5 yrs ago (which is how long I've had this). Hair looked like fungus to me but tested neg.U may think me crazy,but after my ears became super infected,I started feeling things crawling or moving under the film on my head and face,esp my left ear. Tiny black hairs began coming from this ear; they had weird ends; I've had nights of hell wondering what the hell was going on; 1 a.m.I awoke to find several long black hairs wrapped around my ear like a band--alone,not conneted to my scalp.Sometimes would wake up with black hairs scattered on my pillow. The weird hairs moved by themselves esp when wet.I even took a vid of 1 to show my doc; all she said was "Well, u must have been blowing on it, or it was near a heat vent, making it blow around." BULL! Now they look like whipworms in that they have a bit of a thin part of hair like a whip in the front, some now are clear, white or even tri colored.I had to cut off all my lower hair and can NEVER let it touch my ears or get in my eyes. I wear my hair on top of my head all the time. WTF ARE THESE THINGS???? I can't get anyone to believe me and I kinda don't blame them cos I'd wonder myself. Am NOT nor EVER have been, delusional, nor ever heard about anything about these things. They don't glow under fluoresence (unless there's a dye that hasn't been used), are never weird colors, and I don't feel biting or bugs--BUT-every once in awhile I see something jumping out of the area of my head something like a fruit fly.Is this a springtail?? I've tried ivermecterin,albendazole,diff. antifungals,nat'l and rx topicals,u name it. It's gotten much much better but tries to get bad again every so often. I thought they might be infected w/a yeast called malassezia.Now I just don't know. But I'm def.paying BIG TIME for that initial "beautiful hair"...Did yours ever go away? No one else in our house or our pets has ever had a single problem.I know my immune system is compromised so they have prob been here all the time,just didn't infect me til I got weak.

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