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Re: Please help me completely get rid of BRAIN PARASITES
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: Please help me completely get rid of BRAIN PARASITES

Hey folks--totally relate to these posts. My experience has been using MSM powder in water, chewing 2 cloves per night, using Neem powder, cayenne, turmeric, black pepper & nettles mixed dry (down the hatch w/ water every morning--no prob--drink some delicious black or green tea afterwards!)

This clean-out generates lots of sinus clearing initially and expectorating mucus from lungs, initial headaches/fog, plus the bizarre and frequent nose-bleed blowing out clumps of parasites. Little info from medical world on this, but anti- parasite herbs and MSM will send long threadworms and immature worms pushing to get out of nasal cavities via nose; you'll see them at first drowning in a clump of blood in kleenex (or paper towel, as sometimes this causes a HUGE nosebleed) but if you examine it, long very-thin worms will show up--don't freak out! You will instantly feel a head-clearing and ability to breathe deeper than you have since early childhood.

Stay A-WAY from Sugar and fine carbs--with MSM, believe me, you won't want them, as it seems to kill off the bad guys who crave Sugar and make you crave it. Go for COOKED eggs, fish, walnuts, flax, PARSLEY and BEETS (VERY unpopular w/ these critters inside, and VERY great for YOU), olive oil, lemon & pineapple.

I've also heard that the vitamin K-17 (laetril? sp) from the insides of peach, grape, plum, apricot, avocado & apple seeds exterminates parasites, so I've chewed up some of those (you have to hammer open the peach pit--insides taste like strong almonds) over the past months. Many studies have shown that this compound literally cures many forms of cancer (which is heavily linked to parasite invasions), so the Big Pharm companies got the FDA to dis-approve it in the U.S. They can't stop you from eating a peach pit, however!

Cloves are what kill the eggs--chew up some cloves and you'll feel the fire basically clean out the inside of your ear canals, nasal cavity and brain.

Finally get some eucalyptus oil and inhale deep. That'll clean your brain clock for sure. Dab it (in olive oil) beneath your nose at night and you'll be inhaling it all night long. Ears crack open, you can breathe, you'll feel way better all day!

Like one post here said, just bathe your innards, via ingestion & inhalation, in stuff the parasites hate, like somebody cleaning a house w/ old-time pine,lime-oil and thymol cleaners. They will want to get OUT of there. It takes time, but the cool thing is, you will start to feel better, freer, sane & unbothered by "bad voices" and crazy crap in the brain.

Huge love to you. Let's heal ourselves, each other, the whole ailing biosphere that needs human love and happy help at this time, cool folks!

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