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Re: Stick the R up your f***ing ass
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: Stick the R up your f***ing ass

They used to post stuff from this new age lady:

Their whole thing was new age. They can't even tell the difference of how much has changed around here since then. I had more spiritual stuff coming to me back then, now I have nothing. The false light is behind all of those new age healings, the epfx is no different just because Bill Nelson put it together. So what was he REALLY doing all these years?
I went with it too so I deserve what I got. I knew everyone was over but I thought the healing actually still worked. I even thought if there was something bad out there that I would be protected.
If you know what was really happened just come out and say it, I have some ideas but it's hard for me to explain it sometimes because I have a learning disability. I was posting on here since 2008 about all that stuff I learned from Tut that nobody else is talking about like everyone being over, we used to talk about that stuff for hours and hours, I'm talking about the god of death and the god of the afterlife, and nobody on here really paid much attention to what I was talking about at all. They want to go with their own new age sh1t. How come Tut never said anything to me about archons and all this other new age stuff? Because they are a bunch of crybabies.
Like trapper he came back out here in 06 or 07 or so from Alaska saying, "this is not the place it was when I left back in 1980". What? Were you living under a fvcking rock all those years? He was hiding out in the woods all those years and couldn't even keep himself non over. He knew what it meant to be over coz he had all those albums he was real heavy into music and he used to listen to Steely Dan and they talk about stuff like being over.
So I get on here and tell him some stuff I learned from Tut I tell him it was the curse of Vietnam is what happened to this country and that everyone went over:

He doesn't say anything just like he doesn't say anything when n gets on here and blames everything on anything but himself. They go from the holocaust to gulf of Tonkin to 911. From the Gulf of Tonkin to 911 was about 36 years, they don't have anything to gossip about about what happened in between that timeframe like they have stuff to gossip about these days since 911. I say gossip because I used to post news on here too since 08 but since then it seems like these old bastards are just posting about it to have something to talk about. What kind of sh1t were they into back when that sh1t went down in the 80's and everyone went over. I know everyone in Canada is over, it may have been different for them then like how it went down in the US but it went down some way, I'm sure by the 90's everyone there was over too. N knows how it went down, think he's gonna tell us the truth? I said the false light used him but no, he was in on it from jump, he was part of the set up from jump (omit or skip over (part of something) and pass on to a further point or stage), that shit was going down in the 80's and he was into that new age kundalini yoga sh1t to get some healing. If he would have really know anything about what was going on like Tut did it would have been to stay away from that new age sh1t and those new age people. It wasn't about that sh1t it was about keeping yourself clean and non over and fighting the real war. He's a german canuck and he's over, aint no big fvcking deal. So this biofeedback sh1t he got into in 07 was just a continuation of the new age shit he was into back in the buttboy 80's. They can't talk about that stuff I learned from Tut because they can't admit they are over and that sh1t they are talking is bullsh1t.

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